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Song Kran

You might have been wondering where were we last week. I didn’t have time to update my blog as we were in Thailand during The Song Kran festival. We were on the busiest celebration that left us slept late at night and got up early every morning hunting down the good times.

I have been mentioning the word “Song Kran” many times whenever I talked about my hometown. Many of you might never hear of the word before or didn’t understand what I was talking about.

Song Kran is a traditional Thai New Year celebration that spreads over 3 or more days from 13-15 April every year. When the country is in the middle of the hot summer and Dok Koon (Cassia fistula) ornamented every corner of the cities with the beautiful fresh yellow blossoms we knew it is time to go home and pay respect to the elders and pour the beautiful fragranced water over them.

Water is a symbol of cleansing and washing all of the bad luck away. Traditionally the younger generations would visit their elders to bless them with water by pouring gently on their palms or shoulders.

Song Kran is also an important family reunion. Everybody who stays away from their home meant to come back and celebrate this special occasion together. The massive pile of homemade food would be carefully prepared by the cooperative team effort and spread casually over the table. It is time to catch up and spend time together.

The fun and colorful is the dress code during Song Kran festival. We couldn’t be careless about sunblock and stay under the shiny sky whole day. Lakes and dams surrounded the city are the famous hangout spot during this time of the year. People love to take a break from water fight to leisurely lie down in the cool water.

Nowadays, the main interest of Song Kran is throwing water. Water is stored in the large container on the back of the pick-ups and the people enjoy water splashing along the ride. Roaming round the streets with water gun and squishing water over strangers is also the most popular activity during Song Kran.

Every home sets up the water storages along the street for dousing the passersby with water or even hoses them down head-to-toe with the garden hose. So living in Thailand during Song Kran means you are going to be wet whenever you are outdoor. You can’t be saved; even strangers are going to throw water at you. It is the most beautiful, colorful and fun festival in Thailand.

My husband and son felt in love with this beautiful tradition and it is now probably a fixed yearly schedule for us to be in Thailand during Song Kran. It is not only the way we escape the heat but also to go back home and be with family.

Do you have this kind of fun festival in your country, too? Would you consider getting wet with us in Thailand next year?


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