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Vegetable Garden from The Northeast

After reading about our rustic grilled fish post, a lot of friends are curious to know what else are in our beautiful farm. We couldn’t be more graceful and thankful to the abundances that the land has given us and the effortful hard work Mrs Farmers had put into every inch of the land. Being the live source of the land, the fish pond gives water and nurtures every life in the land.

To understand our farm, you must understand the land condition of most Isaan (Northeast Thailand) land. Issan is situated on the large dry sandy plateau in Northeast of Thailand. The rough dried grainy soil is covered with the shiny sun heat years round. The rain falls is less and unpredictable unlike other regions where the soil is rich and water supply is sufficient. The land in the Northeast is rough and tough and so its farmers that are strong and hard working. By seeing this fresh greens and lively results is to glorify and extol the grueling sweat every farmer has put into their land.

Nowadays, new technologies and Government aids help facilitate the farmers and relieve the difficulties of farming in the region, so the people could enjoy the fruitful results of the lands.

Mrs Farmers alone works on this land with occasional help from Mr Farmer whose daily job is in the office. She was born and raised in the farm so it is difficult to separate her from this piece of land. Though economically they do not need to do any farming other than growing rice for personal use, but she found peace and joy in working in this land and feed her family and relatives with organic fresh vegetables and fruits. She is so honor, humble and can never stop farming even if she becomes rich.

Along the side and in every corner of the pond there are fresh and green vegetables sprouted from the cold mud everywhere. While water is reducing in the summer, the new plots will be plough and plow with the new seeds.

Fresh greens mints spray the cooling aroma throughout the land while fleecing from the soil. It was so fresh, green, and perfect for any summer salad or chutney. Different kinds of basil, lemon grass and other herbs line up the land in groups are effortlessly grown by themselves.

Fresh cherry tomatoes are so plum and fresh. They spread through out the land like wild grape swirls. These would be perfect for salad or even drop in hot fish broth will be wonderful.

I couldn’t figure out how gentle green salad leaves could stand tall and fresh in the hot sun without being baked to crisp. We pick, clean and serve it along other dishes with every meal. It was fresh, crunchy and juicy.

Chili is recognized to be Mrs Farmers’ speciality. People have been talking about how she was so good with chili and cooking that even if there is the only chili alone in the kitchen she could prepare the divine meal with just it. They are so fresh, colorful and perky under the sunny sky. I felt the slight heat in my mouth and eyes while walking through her chili plots.

She harvested hundreds kilograms of chili a week and dried them in the sun. The relishing red dried chili is famous in the local markets and great for all kinds of spicy Thai dishes.

Local fruits like sweet tamarind, mango, banana, pineapple, custard apple, chickoos, guava, gooseberry, etc. surrounded the land with plentiful fruits. Bamboo shoots, wild yams and root vegetables are easy to find in the dried canal which soon will be furnished with fresh water in the upcoming rainy season.

As we squished through the farm, we released how lucky we were to have a partial farmer relationship in our lives and had such gracious lands to go back to. The courteous property that yields lives and prosperities allows us to be able to sustain and share with relatives and friends. We were so proud and overwhelmed by the nourished greens and blossoms upshot from the ground.

Up coming projects:

The love and passion of organic and sustainable farming of Mr and Mrs Farmers brought a creative project in their minds many years ago to create a small farm-stays facility that invite people to endeavor a farm life of Thailand. The fun and educational programs for families and individual to learn about farm lives, to stay grounded and close to earth, learn rustic simple Thai & local cuisines, observe the nature and the wildness, and learn a beautiful traditions and cultures of Thailand.

We are going to have beautiful cottages at the farm, animal nursery and a place where you can learn to grow and take care of vegetables and fruits. You will be able to learn how to grow rice, and to craft simple Thai handicraft.

It is a slow process, since they are building everything with their own hands. Mrs Farmers said if she hired engineer and architecture for this project, her farm would lose its charmed and true character of local Thai farmland.

We are waiting to see more update from the farm and the project. It is going to be a great place for family and friends to leisurely take the steps back and enjoy simple lives.

Stay tune for visiting another pieces of property where we grow rice and other things 🙂

Have a nice day,

8 comments to Vegetable Garden from The Northeast

  • Such beautiful photos, all those chillis!! It’s such a lovely idea to have the working farm as an educational centre. This should ensure that future generations keep the traditional methods of farming going into the future. I wish I could go!! 😀

  • I would love to spend time on a farm like that, it all looks so lush and healthy.

  • Thanks for this great overview – what a wonderful farm that is. And the pictures are so beautiful!

  • Liz

    Beautiful post, Tes…love the photos~

  • How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us… I love this post.

  • Daniel

    Hello Tes,
    while researching for a good spot in Isaan, where we (a friend of mine and myself)
    could make a little video-portrait about this part of Thailand, I stumbled across your blog and was impressed about your piece of farmland…
    Now I’m wondering if you would be interested in taking part of this documentary,
    or if you’d know someone around Isaan who is willing to show us his way of living?

    One main aspect could be growing and cooking with chili (or showing a typical way of “how get’s Thai food that spicy?!”)

    If everything works out, it’ll be sometime between the 1st until the 13th of April.

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Tes

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for contacting me about our my farm posts. These stories are very close to my heart. I’m so happy to hear that someone interested in our simple way of life.
      To tell you the truth, right now my farm in Thailand is dying. Since my dad passed away last October, it’s difficult for my mom alone to take care of it. It’s been neglected, and her chili farm around the pond is not as flourishing as it used to be.
      I can ask around if someone in my village can help you out. Can you speak Thai, or you would like to be connected to someone who knows English? My sister is in Thailand now, and she can speak English. But you should probably let her know the exact schedule and the details of the project so she’ll see if she can help.
      Actually, we (my family in India) plan to go to visit Thailand in April, too, to relive the memory of my dad taking us hunting along the Mae Khong Rivers, camping, catching wild catfish and trekking in the Laos. I really want to be a part of your project, but I live really far from home right now. But definitely, I will look for someone for you. Hey, if we’re in Thailand at that time, I will definitely contact you. If you can be more elaborated about your project, it will be easy for me to help you out.

      Will let you know what I find out.
      Have a nice day,

      • Daniel

        Hej Tes,
        sorry for my late reply, but now I definitely know,
        that we’re not travelling to Thailand…unfortunately!

        But thank you so much for your offer!!!

        I wish you all the best,
        and maybe till next time.


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