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Ducks at Home

Imagine you could have fresh duck eggs everyday right from your very own home garden and healthy duck meat available whenever you want to devour the delicious glossy skin Peking duck. I wish I never had to leave home in Thailand where everything was within my fence and I didn’t have to worry about pesticides, chemicals and hormones in my food.

While we have the land to grow rice, vegetables and fish, we decide to keep ducks, chickens, turkeys and geese at our 7,500 sq.ft. home garden where we also grow fruits and herbs. They are fed with the kitchen leftovers, fruits that fall down from the trees, soil worms and rice bran, the by-product of milling in the production of white rice for our yearly consumption. Everything here contributes and plays their parts in the circle of life. Waste from here is the food for there and nothing is left to just spoil and decompose with time.

There were 2 types of duck in our home garden: the local domestic ducks are brown and the meat is earthy, meaty, tough and less fat. They prefer the shellfish as food which helps them yield larger, healthier and more eggs. The second type is hybrid, bigger and fattier which is great for Chinese dishes like braised duck and Peking duck.

They were about 10 hybrid ducks out of which 3 of them were hatching dozens of eggs. Pretty soon, the cute baby ducks would run around the garden and the next generation would continue to feed our family.


20 local domestic ducks gives about 40 eggs every morning when I’ve checked with Mr Farmers recently. These ducks increasingly give more eggs and they expect to have about 100-150 eggs every morning in the few weeks. These eggs were so large, fresh, and healthy that many stores in the village lines up to book the next batches everyday.

Yaseen helped Mr Farmers collect the eggs that were freely laid on the ground every morning. He enjoyed this activity a lot and it made him appreciate my omelet more 🙂

Duck eggs have beautiful strong shells with pale blue to green shade of colors or white. Our ducks gives all these colors. Mr. Farmers said the genes that these ducks inherited from their ancestors determined the colors of the eggs (but again, he is not a scientist).

Duck eggs are larger and richer than chicken eggs and so as the yokes that are so much creamier and fattier. It is rich with vitamins and minerals. When Yaseen was smaller and suffered from iron deficiency, we gave him duck eggs to boost iron level in his body.

The system that our family in Thailand used in their farm and lifestyle is wonderfully formed. The local knowledge and experiences guide them to bring out the profits from their humble resources. Lives orchestrate in the direction that they should be, and they enjoy the luxurious fruits nature return. The earth always nurtures those who put sincere hard works to their lands and so they have been given such robust and fertile benefits.

I am sure many of you fall in love with farm life and simple living in Thailand now. We are working on some programs that you could be apart of soon. We will update you about this later.

Have a beautiful day,

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