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Our Rice Farm Part II

Traditionally, rice is an annual plant which means we are only grow rice once a year covering 5-6 months during monsoon when rainfalls help sustaining the extreme need of water of rice. Water needed to flood the land in order to healthily produce rice.

This is the first time we experiment on growing out of the season. The process called “Na Pung” in Thailand used when rice is grown in out of season. It requires different specie of seed that can stand the tougher land condition and be able to grow faster and yield more grains from the same acres.

Growing rice out of the season is a risky business. Only the farmers who have access to some kind of water source can proceed to do so, though the risk of not having enough water is still a big gamble.

Another piece of land by a small lake we have is used to try out growing rice out of season. Other lands surrounded the lake also do the same thing, causing the lake to drain out at the end of the 3rd month period we needed to grow rice. We were worried if our rice would survive after 2 weeks of not having water supply, but the heavy grains bowed the spikes down. The trace of green vanished in to the glorious golden grains is the sign of harvesting. We estimated about a week when the cultivation should start.

Though the water has drained out but the fields were flooded with fresh green and the beautiful grassy earthy aroma. The grain looks healthy and abounding. The amber grains sparkle in the warm sun flourishing the land with hope and prosperity. We missed the harvesting but our family in Thailand would save the pictures for us.

We already have more than enough rice stocked in our storage, so these rice would be immediately sold and given to friends and relatives who in need or yearly rice supply insufficient.

Growing rice out of season gives us a great experience and put our empty property to use. We felt confident on trying this in larger holding if we figured out how to solve the water problem. Meanwhile Mr & Mrs Farmers are quite happy with the prosperous result. The fresh and relaxing smell of rice field is always big bonuses we lavishly enjoy everyday.

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