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Thasadej Indochina Market

After indulging in local cuisines and watching the lively water of the Mekong go by, we headed to Thasadej Indochina Market for some serious shopping.

Thasadej Indochina Market is located beside Mekong river stretches parallel to the river and covers more than 1 km long.

The market crowded by stalls, shops and restaurants both sides flooded with wide rage of goods. The long narrow aisle of the market is packed with interesting, cheap and beautiful products. It becomes overcrowded on the weekends or holidays.

Thasadej Markets is known for its wild range of products at really reasonable price. There are sweets, treats, dehydrated fruits, snacks, dried food etc. are imported from China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with great quality. The 3 bags for 100 bath (3 $) deal in most shops is really a tempted offer for any visitor.

Local clothes, silk, woolen products, shoes, handbags, traveling bags, are available for bargaining. They are exquisitely beautiful and very reasonable.

Electronical goods, chinaware, ceramics and various kind of fabric are tax-free imported to the market and exceptionally cheap.

We spend a lot of time at the handicraft stores where Yaseen bought wooden craft bird for himself. There were so many affordable beautiful crafts there that we had to be careful to control our sprees and buy things that would fit in our luggage.

Electronical toys are massively displayed in many shops, the main attraction is remote control helicopter from China price vary from 600- 5000 baht (20-170 USD) which we had a hard time explain to Yaseen that we wouldn’t be able to fit those in our bag home. We lost the fight and ended buy buying a small one for him. It was amazing when we took it for a test drive few days ago in Pune University.

Shopping at Thasadej needs your very own experiences in shopping and self-inspection of the products you bought. Since there are no formal rules of bringing these products to the markets, the quality control of the products hasn’t been observed by the shopkeepers. There are a lot of low quality products especially in electronical categories. So you need to inspect and really think about what you are going to purchase.

Bargaining is an acceptable custom in this market. You can save upto 30-40% of the price offer if you are really good at bargaining.

Small restaurants and food/drinks stalls tucked in this vibrant congested market, offered fresh delicious bites for the shoppers to just grasp and go, and then go on with their shopping.

We didn’t even notice how hot and crowded the market was because we were hypnotized by interesting products and colorful food all the way until our wallets were drained out.


We did a great job at shopping that day. We bought a lot of dried food and treats which we carried back to India. Toys and cloths were really cheap. My husband got local handicrafts and I just simply loved walking in the markets absorbed all the vivacious sights of every single thing.

One complaint though… it was so difficult carried all those heavy shopping bags entire time we were shopping! They should us provide some shopping carts or something 🙂


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