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Just Meant to Be

Many of you might head to the palace to attend the royal wedding this week. The world seems to be sweeter and happier with love in the air and every cozy corner on earth turns to be so romantic.

I used to love the wedding as a kid, and I always waited for somebody related to me to get married. I loved staring at the beautiful bride who becomes the most beautiful princess in glittering dress, jewelries and colorful makeup. I loved to see people smiles and genuinely happy for the couple. I loved wedding food and gifts we received at the party.

Nowadays, it is hard to find the wedding I feel honestly come about from true love. Don’t get me wrong. I do not think that people who are getting married now are not in love. They must be so crazy in love to get married. What I mean is a lot of wedding these days are so complicated and commercialized. Some wedding is no more showing the true characters of the couple and their families’ traditions, but exhibit the recent trends, celebrities’ styles and the new looks in any directions advertised in magazines.

The most irritating I found in some wedding was when the bridezilla got so obsessed with perfection and treated her bridesmaids and family like slaves. I found myself feeling so tensed and suffocated in some weddings.

When we went home in Thailand few weeks ago, I was so happy to witness such a pouring love and happiness from two people and the joys spread through their families and friends.

An uncle who works in a faraway province only got few chances to meet his family in a year. Though they are living so far, but they love is exceptionally strong and royal. He sets up a thoughtful and beautiful schedule to remarry to his own wife every other year to nutrify their love and their commitment with each other. It is also a superstitious belief to do so if you have been apart for so long from your spouse.

It was such a casual event that filled with felicity. We marched up to the bride house with the passionate groom and his dowry. Everybody was so easy, relax and happy. I couldn’t notice any face without the biggest smiles they could give. We reached the bride home where one of his son was waiting to wash his feet as believe to purify and bless him so he could meet his bride. There were several doors he had to pass in order to meet her. There were funny questions that he needed to answer and tips needed to pay to the gatekeepers.

When we saw the bride sitting in the middle of the room, she glowed with happiness. She was in a simple dress but so beautiful and radiant. She was giggling and people were laughing, the groom couldn’t hesitate to sit next to her. She was such a sunshine of love.

The ceremony was so warm and simple. Everyone was so free and easy. After each of them blessed the bride and groom, traditional homemade meal was served and shared.

The hasty even was concluded when we felt so full of love and joy. It was such a graceful moment we got to be apart of. I would love to attend this kind of wedding more often, the simple wedding that I could feel relax and see people smile. How difficult and complex it needs to be to just say “I love you and let us be together forever…”

Cheers for Love,

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