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Bedtime Indulgence

My husband is trapped in the recent indulgence of pampering scent from our new massage oil, Sabai-arom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight Bedtime Aromatic Massage Oil. The gentle sweet scent of Jasmine and White Champaca is so soothing and relaxing.

When we traveling back to India few weeks ago, we had a chance to eat and shop in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Wandering at duty free stores is one of the best ways to kill the time at airport. Leave me there unsupervised for few hours; we would be going down to bankruptcy.

After the long hours of browsing and shopping through many stores, I told my husband I want some skincare supplies so we headed to Boots. Beautiful packages of massage oil caught my eyes and we sniffed every sample throughout the store. I added a purple package of aromatic massage oil to my heavy shopping basket hoping my husband would corporate and became my personal masseuse denied to realize that in reality I would be the one to do the job.

I was also fooled by the assumption that it was lavender fragranced oil, my favorite scent in the whole world, though I tried the sample, but shopping at 3 am in the morning, my senses refused to perform efficiently.

It is not Lavender, but even better. An urban clean pure adour of Jasmine and White Champaca beautifully sooth my mind. It is so light and fresh with the dreamy natural mysterious tone.

The aromatic oil is sensitively absorbed under your skin, relaxes the muscle and stimulates the circulatory system. The light pure vapour gently cuddles your whole body so mild and modest that you transcended to the calmed and relaxed stage. I also love that massaging rejuvenate my skin, helps it glow and become healthy.

For more information about Sabai-arom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight Bedtime Aromatic Massage Oil please visit here.

What’s your favourite scent?


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