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The Smell of Our Home

I love the way our home in Thailand smell so earthy and flourish with different sweet nectars in every corners. For example, rose apple blossoms murmur the gentle soft candied flavour to our bedroom. When we open the window at night, the nocturnal winds blow the clean air solacing us the relaxed deep dreams.

Our home was built 26 years ago. It’s a typical village Thai house with wooden top story and the stronger modern ground floor. Of course, we love the top part the best, it is cool, clean and fills with memories. The rustic wooden windows are always open to receive light and fresh air from the outside.

Mind winds circulate the entire house with refreshing molecule of floral adours. The old lamb that haven’t used for years sit in one corner remind us how it was when it used to shine and illuminate the room with cozy  golden rays.

In the front, the big Longan tree spreads the cool shadows over front of the house. It’s a perfect outdoor living room where we love to hangout and enjoy delightful brunch with friends. The most fragile scent dropped from the pale yellow-white flowers make us feel so easy and free.

The leisure nap in the afternoon takes the stress and tension out from the busy city soul while (of course) we will only be dreaming of thousands brown pearl Longan fruits that are about to come.

Hanging on the tree are banana bunches with perfect yellow ripe fruits inviting anyone walking pass to just grasp some of them. We don’t need trays, or baskets in a kitchen to keep them. They are usually generously hung wherever people hang out.

A small open fish tank contained sparkling cooling water and hundred of tiny gold fish contribute even more tingle clean air.

We love walking by Chickoo trees in the morning when the trace of bats devour some of the juicy fruits dusted the air with caramel-nactar sprays.

Mango hanging on the trees with the thin brown stems look like green lamps in day light. They are fresh and abundance. I never recall a mango flower smells, but the smell of the mango tree itself. It is so organic, pungent green and earthy. The combination of citrus and green grass might be able to define it for me.

I would love to describe the smell of gooseberry inflorescences, but it is so delicate. The midget flowers grow right out of the fresh bark along with the racy sour fruits, brought the prudent flavour that linger in the air forever.

You know the feeling when you get close to the trees with the voluptuous fruits so fresh and ready to be eaten. They smell so amazing, full of live and crudely sweet. Some part of our home smell just like that where different kind of fresh fruits naturally ripen and sparkle in the sunlight.

Inside the house, the kitchen as the heart of the home spreads its cozy scent everywhere. If you have ever got the smell of steamed banana leaves or pandan leaves, you would be able to imagine how my kitchen smell like. It is raw green, clam and inviting. It is Asian, old, comforting, and mysterious. The food brought out of the kitchen also imparted these feelings to our table, so every meal would smell so intimate and comforting.

My home smell cannot be identified and labeled as Pine, lime, lavender, fresh mint, wild rose or Jasmine. It varies according to season, time and flora surrounding it. It is easy and relax during the night by the wind blew from petals and pollens. It is fresh and cozy during the day with the refreshing odours of fruits, flowers and trees carried by the bright warm light. It shows our true free spirit and down-to-earth character. Nature is so important to us; it enriches our humble lives and scents the sweetest flavour in our home.


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