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Ubolratana Dam

Summer is the time I wish I had a house by the lake and spend my entire days staring in the sparkling clear surface with my feet soaking the water.

I daydream about picnic by Ubolratana dam with my family quite often. It is one of the most refreshing and relaxing place near my home in Thailand.

Ubolratana dam is situated in Khon Kaen province in the Northeast of Thailand. It was name after Ubolratana Rajakanya, Thai princess. The dam confiscates Namphong river, the lower basin tributary of the Mekong River forced the majestic sparkling lake with more than 12,000 surrounded by mesmerized forest parks, beaches, and green terrenes.

Other than electricity generation and irrigation purposes, the dam is spawned sanctuary for varieties of fish and wildlife, and also a getaway paradise of the locals as well as tourists.

We reached the dam, wet and soaked in cold water on the splashing water war ride in Songkran festival. The dam was astonishingly massive at vast expense of water, and windy. My husband always had a passion for such impressive architectural structures. Walking on such colossal blocks made us feel so humble and unwind.

The glistering cool water seduced people to jump in and enjoy. We lost the track of time and slowly got hypnotized by the beautiful natural landscapes sparked against the horizon.

Driving along the lake was such a surreal experience. The cooling fresh air continually dug in our skin and brushed through our hair. The luscious greens views rolled passed the eyes were so rich and beautiful.

We arrived at Phu Phan Kham National park, quiet and restrained with purity and nature innocence, ready for picnic and chill-out. The noise of cicadas lingered the park was a warm welcome, and the thick greenish leaves allow just proper lighting to the areas. We heard the mild swashes of waves against the rocks as we were heading to the perfect spot.

Phu Phan Kham is a strewn rock park naturally sculptured millions years ago. The park is cleanly preserved as it existence. The water is cool and clean. Visitor loves diving down and swimming between the rough rocks formations.

As food was lying down on the reed mats, the children jumped in the water. We were warned about underwater sharp rocks and cliffs by the authorities, but everyone looked so relaxing and submissive in the clear water.

The sceneries dropped along the lake were fascinating. The breeze swiped through our faces occasionally carried the cold sprays of water to us. I found myself just sit back, relax and let the time run to me without paying any attention to it.

There were several spots in the lake that we did not visit as they were packed with tourists during the festive season. They are several beaches, temples and many hill points that worth taking a step back and enjoy. We will cover those areas later next time.

Ubolratana dam, the biggest dam in Northeast Thailand, is one refreshing, perfect spot for families and nature lovers. The vast and massive lakes surrounded by natural beauties, rustic food stores dotted beaches, villages, and picturesque sceneries. The air is always clear, fresh and vivacious.

Visiting this place always gives me inspirations and refreshes my mind. It is a best way I teach my young one to appreciate and love the nature as well as a quality and memorable family time.

Have a beautiful day,

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