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Klang Dong Fruit Market

If you were travelling with me, you might find my constant detouring at stores and markets along the ride. Souvenir stores, craft stores, arts showrooms, farmers markets, local fruit stands… you name it, I couldn’t make myself get pass these places without sneaking in and spend some money on it.

On the ride from Bangkok to Khon Kaen, my home town there is one must-stop market my family knows that I always need to stop. Klang Dong Market, may be translated as “market within the forest” is situated in Nakorn Ratchasima province, in the Northeast of Thailand.

On both sides of the highway, many fruits stands, local products and handicrafts stretched in lines. Fresh fruits both seasonal and out-of-season displayed and infused the air with seductive nectars. Chinese sausages, dried meats, preserved meat, preserved garlic, dehydrated fruits and other local delicacies wrapped in any attractive packages and offer in the reasonable price.

One of the famous bites in the market is Curry puff with variety of filling to choose from. I always have to grasp a few boxes of those.

My husband fell in love with Marian plum (or Plum mango) at first try. They are oval yellow fruits, with juicy sweet taste and a fainted sourness at the end… sort of like super sweet wild mango.

Other fruits like jackfruit, mangoes, custard apples, dragon fruits, sweet tamarinds, durians, pomelo, grapes, etc. spread over the shops and overflew the side walks. The variety of fresh fruits and other products are overwhelming. Everything was very cheap and fresh.

Klang Dong Market

Highway No. 2

About 100 km from Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat)


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