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Update from the Ducks

Yesterday we received great news; all eggs from one of the mother ducks were hatched. These cute little ducklings were introduced to the world a few days ago. Now they demand extra special cares with food and protection.

The love to snuggle cozily under the warm light while the mother was out for food. Electric light bulb keeps them warm and comforting in the nest.

Remember this girl? A month ago she was sitting on healthy white eggs, and now who are those guys?

Look at how adorable and soft they are. Yaseen was so excited to see these ducks pictures. We really want to squeeze one of them (gently, of course!).

For those of you who have been following our sustainable life in Thailand and read our Duck at Home post, you will know that we breed these ducks organically for meat and eggs.

Pretty soon these little guys will run free in our home garden, lay eggs and complete the circle of life we try to nurture and cherish.


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