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Flowers Infused Water

Long time ago, Thai home served chill water with few jasmines floated in the big silver cup. Drinking water used to be collected from rain falling on the roof. Rain flowed over the trough down the spout into the clay or mud storage was pure, clean, fresh and cold. The water used for drinking was store in the mud pot which kept it chill at all times.

The chill rain water dissolved the beautiful fragrance of jasmines and spread it through the bowl. The cool fainted perfumed drink offered the guests and shares to the entire family in one large generous cup.

Jasmine scented water is not only refreshing but also gives a pleasant lovely look to the water served.

Flowers infused water is not only a traditional way of serving drinking water in Thailand but it also an important ingredient in making Thai desserts and sweets. The beautiful sweet nectar-floral fragranced water adds the gentle scents to many delightful dishes.

Flower infused water is used for extracting coconut milk, mix with sugar for syrup, or added as the ingredients of Thai dessert. It gives the cooling beautiful fresh flavour to the dishes.

Flowers used for infusing water usually are those types that give beautiful smells. They are usually homegrown without chemical and pesticide. The knowledge about flowers used should also be understood by the user, for at least, you should know that it is not poisonous or dangerous.

Ylang-ylang, roses and jasmine are the most popular flowers used for infusing the water. Jasmines, a common and popular decorated plant in Thailand used to make garland and decorating home, normally grown in every household is the most common flowers used for infusing water.

The flowers should be carefully pick, discard stems and gently rise in the water. The water used for infusing traditionally collected from rain; unfortunately nowadays rain doesn’t give the clean and pure water as it was before. You can boil water and let it cool before use, or used packaged drinking water as the option.

Infusing water has to be done at night as the nature of these flowers is releasing their fragrances at night. The budding booms are the most promising options because as they slowly open the inflorescent the beautiful scent slowly released and dissolved into the water.

Pour water in the cleaned opaque vessel with the cover. Darkness ensures the developing of the scents and helps them releasing the fragrances infused in the water.

Gently drop flowers directly in the water and cover it. Keep the vessel in the room temperature overnight. In the morning, remove the flowers from the water and used them in the dessert recipe.

When you bought flowers from the market or an unknown source with the risk of pesticide or chemicals in the flowers, you shouldn’t add the flowers directly to the water. Place them in a small cup and slowly place the cup over the water surface. Let the cup of flowers float over the water overnight to get the scents down the water without actually touch the flowers.

Natural fragranced water is definitely one of the best drinks for the summer. Surprise your guest with beautiful pure jasmine in the cooling fresh drink or the innocent pale petals of rose in chili water will definitely impress them.

Stay tune for beautiful Thai sweet recipe using flower infused water…

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