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King Cobra Village (Ban Khok Sa-Nga, Thailand)

I have the mixed feeling of hate, scare and disgust about snakes. Just a thought of them is enough to make my skin crawl and gives me nightmares, but this tiny village in Thailand has a thing for snakes!

I mean, literally, most houses have few boxes of snakes in their home to play with or for any snaky business. I wasn’t so keen to visit this place, but everyone told me it was be a memorable trip… ya, I know (sigh). Face your fear, people say…

The self-organized King Cobra Village of Ban Khok Sa-Nga is a festive snake show theme attraction in Khon Kaen province of Thailand.

The locals breed and train hundreds of snakes, king cobras mostly, and put together a great daredevil show. Man-snake boxing matches seem to be highlights of the fair.

I selected the far seat, with easy escaping access because the stage was roughly constructed, fully open and no security or safety precaution whatsoever. I swear, there were number of times I was about to jump out of the seat running for my life.

The handlers taunted enraged giant king cobra that were so quick and fierce. The deadly serpents slither across the stage when the man pulled its tail back, provoking the snake to attack back.

There were so many stunts I wish I had not seen. It was so scary and I heard a couple sat next to me said a snake kill a tourist just few weeks prior too our visit.
Are you kidding me…they even make out with the scary reptiles!

There were so many deaths during the organized snake fight ever since the village had decided to go for this deadly business but the villagers do not seem to back down from the death defining act. No doctor supervision or pharmacy insight, the locals believed and still practiced on traditional herbal medicines.

It is scary to know that king cobras can kill a victim within 15 minutes after biting, and even if you survive there is still the risk of nerves damage. My husband was first skeptical about the show and said these snake had been extracted all poison and no venom left in them, I explained to him that though these snakes were trained but they were all real and one bite could even kill an elephant.

Was I the only one who scare of snake? Yaseen was enjoying the giant python hug. We help the villagers out with small donation to support thier honored frightful business.

There were a lot of snakes and other animals displayed in the deplorable cages. We were told that they were rescued from many other sources.

To the lighter side of the snake village, the easy leisurely side, shopping is at King Cobra Village was the part I could comfortably relate, too.

The villagers set up the beautiful market selling handicrafts, arts, toys, souvenirs, clothes, gifts, and many other interesting stuffs. We got the good bargain on some hats, toys and local handicrafts. The shops displays quality products with very reasonable price.

When I was a kid, I had a friend who wanted to be “Frog specialist” when she grew up, I thought it was stupid. But visiting this spine-chilling snake village makes me realize people just born to be different and passionate about things stranger to mine. They all make honest good living in many respectable ways.

If you are in town, you really need to drop by and see this bet-on-fate show in King Cobra Village. It’s a great place to see such horrendous creatures up close and get your heart pumping.

Take care,

9 comments to King Cobra Village (Ban Khok Sa-Nga, Thailand)

  • OH MY GOODNESS! I would have been so nervous! For some reason, this post reminds me of my granddad. He used to wrestle alligators! How crazy, huh?!? I hope you’re having a great day!

  • Oooh, no thanks to the snakes, I’ll just stick to shopping :O

  • Tes I would also have been more comfortable at the Kind Cobra Village.
    🙂 Mandy

  • Eeew! That’s not for me, either! You were right to sit at the back, I would have done too. But your son is brave (and you are brave to let him touch the snake – although I know pythons can’t do much harm if they are controlled).

    But it’s a great story, thanks for sharing!

  • I’m with you – I’ll stay away from the snakes. I love your story. What an amazing experience!

  • Gary Bridger

    I so want to come to thailand and visit festival , Any one point me the direction on flights and time and where from kotakinabalu . I know i have to go to KL then thailand . Need all the rest of the info.

    • Tes

      I never really travel that route before. I think you can check with Thai Airways and Malaysian Airlines. I’ve heard people travel by road and rail from Malaysia to Thailand and it’s amazing!


    I visited the snake village yesterday Dec 16..2012…in one word brilliant albeit a hot day and not toomany tourists. I live in Khon Kaen and this was on my bucket list and i’m glad i went… even had my photo taken holding a Kingy..(King Cobra) that is..surreal experience..not for every one but i enjoyed it and it just amazes me that Falangs still look at it as animal cruelty…but it’s a survival trade and i appreciated the village and the show for what it is…without the “attraction” these people would have even less than what they have now.I encourage you to visit the village and appreciate it for what it is.

    • Tes

      Kudos to u for holding the king cobra 🙂 I went there 2 times, and each time, the snakes scared me to death. I let my son (2 yrs old at that time) take the photo with a giant phythan, but I was too scare to stand close to it. I agree with you that some people get it wrong when they thought of it as animal cruelty. It’s a tradition and a way of life…the connection with the villagers and the snakes. Happy to hear that you appreciate this amazing show 🙂

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