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Khao Suan Kwang Zoo, Thailand

One of the obvious family favourite activities involves visiting zoo.  Visiting zoo is one of the other ways we get back to nature. It is one of those places that can still mesmerize and make me feel innocent and humble.

Honestly, I know nobody really want to see animals in the cages being restricted, limited in the tiny stinky boxes, but nowadays many zoos in Thailand have facilities that make the animals feel more comfortable and free. Thousands of acres and billions of dollars are sanctioned to provide cares, breed and research on the animals.

Khao Suan Kwang Zoo is located in tambon Khoa Suan Khang, amper Namphong, Khon Kaen, about 7 km off Mitrapap Highway. The project estimated to be fully finished by 2012, though it still operates and allows people to visit everyday.

The zoo covers over 1,800 acres, beautifully designed and preserved all natural rocks and landscape structures. It reigns over the big mountain flushed with meek green of tropical dry forest.

The small road to the zoo led us through towns, we slowly losing sights of people’s homes to the abundance farmlands and forest. We drove pass dry rice fields which have just been harvested leaving the land with crisped hays and aroma of wet mud.

Our car slowly climbed up the mountain, letting dry wind blew our faces. Cicadas whistled the woods a beautiful rhythm, the common greeting to the Northeast of Thailand forests. We met few groups of the locals picking wild products like mushrooms, bamboo shoots and Siam Tulips.

We arrived at the zoo in the evening when the golden rays of the sun gently kissed our skins. The zoo is equipped with all facilities like parking, food stores, restaurants, lodges, gift and souvenir shops. While cool breeze had already swayed through and set us calm, we felt so ready to explore this splendid park.

There are not a lot of animals in the zoo yet as the projects are only half way to the finish. We were greeted with goats, camels, ostriches, giraffes that comfortably lived within the spacious open fences. There were also bears, deer, monkeys, snakes, rabbits located in various sectors of the park.

The pathways created along the natural complex availed the beautiful ways to observe the animals as if they were living in the natural habitats.

The unique stone formations and landscapes in Khao Suan Kwang is uniquely interesting with narrow stone paths, small caves and corners that make you lose yourself in nature wonder.

We noticed sticks of wood splices between the gaps off the rocks. The locals believe doing this will make their elders healthy and live long.

When we leisurely explored the park and met new friends, we couldn’t help but noticed the shimmering amber horizon on the other side. The beautiful scenery and picturesque views faded away in the shadows of the earth when the sun reclined to the end.

Khao Saun Kwang zoo is not only the place your family can come to visit the animals but the nature as a whole. This majestic reserve park is spread in one perfect corner on earth. There is everything for everyone and definitely a paradise for nature lovers.

For more information about Khao Saun Kwang Zoo visit I am sorry but the content is in Thai, however, if you want any further information, I am happy to translate and enquire more details for you.

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