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Sentosa Resort and Water Park, Pune

“It supposes to rain now. When is it going to rain? When is rainy season going to start?” My husband had quite enough of my grouching about the weather when he asked me to join his company outing in the water park hoping I would once stop complaining about the excruciating heat in the city.

It was a shiny Saturday; the sun tracked us down and followed us everywhere. I was looking forward to sitting back with some book and let the wind carry cool vapors to my face. And since my husband colleagues are some of the cool and fun people I ever know, we could really expect a good day.

Sentosa Resort and Water Park is situated on Dehu Road, just outskirt of Pune and toward Mumbai. In the front, it is a great highway stopping point for food and relaxing after the long drive with spacious parking and restaurants.

Follow the loud music to the back, is the water park. Two turquoise pools are separated by a bridge that leads to the rain dance floor. Many twisted water slides swoop down the surface of water. The colorful water castle and arcade lay on the kiddie area with water gushing everywhere.

There is no way to calm Yaseen down when it come to water. He had histories of playing hard in swimming pool, water hose and any water games as we did in Song Kran festival. Since I’ve just recovered from serious sunburn a few weeks ago, I had no plan to get in the pool. My husband and his friends volunteered to look after my little monkey while I leisurely enjoyed the mild wind swirl under the cool shade.

We couldn’t remember how many times Yaseen skidded down the slides screaming from the top of his lungs, plashing water to his face. It looked like he had a time of his life.

The blue fish dumped the heavy water down splattering the entire kiddie arcade with cold drops and misty sprays. A lot of people just waited under the fish for the water to nuke down on them, when it did, they screamed.

Another corner, the wild dancers bouncing on the stage in the newest Bollywood hits drenched in atomized splashes. I know you all could imagine how fun it was to dance in the rain, though I suspected some of them were just shivering on the wet dance floor  😀

Every now and then we were requested to join the wave pool, let the wave smash us and float along the tides.

Lunch, unlimited buffet, was also included in the package. The food was a typical spicy Indian dishes with Puri (deep fried mini flat bread), spicy vegetable, Butter Paneer (Indian cottage cheese in creamy spicy sauce), rice, lentil stews, papad, etc. It was all vegetarian but very good. What I loved the most was we were sitting on the floor together eating and sharing. The simple food turned amazing when you had great companies.

After lunch, the gang decided to go back to the pool again. I thought they were kind of crazy when everybody jumped right back in the water. Yaseen’s hands and feet were already wrinkled, his skin was heavily tanned, but he wouldn’t want to stay back. The raging degree of sunlight made my SPF 60 have no meaning. I knew I would have to prepare another sunburn treatment for my son and husband.

The guys seemed to have more fun with their games. The other pool stretches a great length for the swimmers. The light rebounded on the sparkle water where numbers of souls drifting on the surface.

The sun reclined in the late afternoon, while I postured on the swings against cool air current waiting for everybody to get out of the pool. Despite of dripping wet and shuddering, my baby refused to go home. We lured him out with cola (Indian sweet shaved ice on stick). Then later during snack time, we dunked buttery hot Pav (local buns) with spicy vegetable gravy and slurped on hot tea.

We settled down on the lawn for a while and let more time passed, while the children hopped on the playground.

The day ended perfect with great memories and I totally forgot how hot the day was. For one day, we chilled out under the bright sun. Though our skin was burned, but we barely felt the heat.

Now, at home (3 days later), the rain still hasn’t arrived. I am still waiting for the fresh rain to drop in every corner and turn the city and countryside fresh and green. We are still looking for the aroma of wet mud and the lingeringly sound of the frogs at night.

Sentosa Resort and Water Park
Sr. No. 64/6, Ravet,
Katraj-Dehu Road Bypass,
Dehu Road, Pune, 412106
Maharashtra, India


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