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Stir Fried Ridge Gourd with Eggs

Ridge gourd (luffa) brings back a bitter food memory for my husband. The canteen in his college hostel used to serve terrible dishes featuring these spongy green vegetable almost everyday. He disliked ridge gourd so much that he would felt so annoy as a cranky baby whenever I bought them home.

I had quite different memory about ridge gourds, they grew right over our fence in Thailand and I just loved when my mom stir fried the green star medallions with eggs. The slices of ridge gourd were easily soften with heat and mellowed into the greasy scramble eggs that brought a sincere joy on our table.

I have always wanted to cook this recipe for him hoping he would change his attitude towards a healthy vegetable like ridge gourd.

The young, fresh and green ridge guard is perfect for stir fry. They should be firm and easily break with your hands revealing white, soft, spongy texture inside. To prepare them, simply wash, rinse, and then scrap off the sharp ridges with knife and slice them thinly.

Stir Fried Ridge Gourd with Eggs

Ingredients: (3-4 servings)

500 gm Ridge gourd- washed and sliced

2 large eggs

4 cloves garlic- roughly bruised

1 tbsp light soy sauce

1/2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt or to taste

1/2 tsp ground white pepper

1/4 cup vegetable stock or chicken stock

Few spring onion-sliced

1 tbsp oil


  1. Heat oil in the pan over the medium heat and sauté garlic until golden brown.
  2. Add eggs and lightly scramble them into small pieces.
  3. Add ridge gourd, light soy sauce, salt, sugar and white peppers and stir fry for 1 minute.
  4. Add vegetable stock, cover, and simmer for few minutes or until ridge gourds are soft and tender.
  5. Check the seasoning, throw in some spring onion and serve hot with some rice.

The stir fry ridge gourd with eggs was light, fresh and flavourful. The sweetness of the soft slices muddled into the savory sauce while the eggs gave velvety texture to the dish. The thin gravy sunk into hot rice when the aroma of garlic swirled up the air…every bite was simply heaven.

Take care,

3 comments to Stir Fried Ridge Gourd with Eggs

  • Adora's Box

    I used to hate those gourds myself when I was young. It wasn’t the taste that I disliked but the texture. It didn’t help that it was cooked in sauce that made it a bit slimy. However when I tasted my Mum-in-law’s stir fried luffa, I was converted. I think I will definitely like the way you cooked it here.

  • I’ve never tried ridge gourd as I didn’t know how to cook it. We don’t often see it here but next time I see it I might be brave and give it a try.

  • I have never seen ridge gourd.

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