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The Morning Run

The wake up alarms go off at 5.00 am every morning in our home, but we are one of the most lazy people in the world so it is about 6.00am we put ourselves together and tie our running shoes. The serene innocent breeze after the rainy night is the most fresh and oxygenizing. We could not find the sun anywhere but the warm rays have already filled the city, touching the rain duplets on the grass and reflecting those little drops at the tips of colorful petals.

We start with a walk to warm up, slowly stretch and browse through the trails. Yaseen pick up the speed and ready to go fast.

We run about 2 miles a day in the open ground where we can leave Yaseen play within our sights. Most of the time, he joins the run but when some small bugs on the mud distract him, he gets back into his little world.

Another 4 miles walking between our car and running ground is actually the most favourite part of our morning exercise. We meet a lot of morning risers with their families or their dogs stroll along the calm nature. Birds, butterflies and bugs swoop here and there joining our energetic dayspring.

Running helps us burn extra calories we have been indulging whole days and the most importantly it helps strengthen our hearts, something I especially care about.

Here are some reasons why I think you should add morning run to your daily schedule:

  1. It strengthens your hearts and accelerates blood circulation
  2. It helps you burn fat and shreds off those extra pounds
  3. It helps your tune muscles, keeps you fit and active
  4. Speed up and regulate your metabolism and help you lose weight
  5. Running in the park is the ideal ways to refill fresh oxygen into your body
  6. It increases your capacity and makes you stronger
  7. It is a great family time to spend with family and relaxing, uplifting for individual
  8. The sweat unclogs any impurity under your skin make it clean and glow
  9. It helps strengthen your joints and bones
  10. It awakes your body and mind, and keeps you ready for an exciting day ahead
  11. It helps you sleep better at night
  12. It increases your appetite, and especially healthy food

My husband and son love getting sweaty in the morning makes me less worry about serving them fatty food. Health is one of the most important concerns in our family, I am happy we are on the right track.

What’s your morning exercise?

Have a nice day,

8 comments to The Morning Run

  • I love running but don’t often get out in the morning. However, this morning I actually managed to get up at 6:30 and so am reading this having just done a morning run. I couldn’t agree more with what you say – running always makes me feel better.

  • I don’t run, but I need to start taking a brisk walk every day. I know it will make me feel much better.

  • sue

    Is muscle and not MUSSELS (MUSSELS is food)

  • Portia Manlapaz

    I agree with what you have mentioned, brisk walk and jogging everyday helps me a lot. I started my daily walking since 22 November, 2012 until now. I enjoyed every minute of it to feel the morning breeze. Looking at the stars and the brightness of the moonlight makes me feel closer to God and appreciate what He had blessed us, the beauty of nature. Even when it rains, no absences. I used umbrella and my cap then let it drop on my face. Nice to feel the rain on my face. Doing it daily helps me to condition my mind and makes my day. A good starting point and I thank God for helping me to fulfill my goal. I am happy every time I see my fellow walkers and joggers greeting each other, good morning with a smile on our face. I do walking when I was in my 20’s, 30’s/ Now that I am 52 I could say that I could still jog more that 5 – 8 kms. a day and I feel great about it . Thank you for your nice column. God bless.

    • Tes

      Thanks for sharing your comment with us. I have to admit that we become very lazy lately, and we barely walk in the morning now. Your beautiful comment really made me wanna start taking it seriously again. You’re right… there shouldn’t be any excuse. It’s just a little thing that keep both your mind and body healthy πŸ™‚ Now I really get so inspired…maybe I will take my family for a hike this weekend, too. Take care and God bless πŸ™‚

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