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Pandan, Durian, Coffee and Milk Toffees

Don’t you feel young and innocent unwrapping colorful toffees minding the rustling sound of the crinkling wrappers isolating you in the toothsome fantasy? Stuffing the mouthfuls of chewy sticky candies on both cheeks, we open more sugary bites while working on melting the load of sweet in our mouths.

These milk toffees, pandan leaves flavour especially, were always in my school bag when I was a kid. The earthy fragrance of pandan leave blossomed in the pale green smoothness. They weren’t too sweet but very creamy and seriously addictive.

I have always wanted to introduce Yaseen to these toffees, telling him how special they were for me when I was younger. He was suddenly hypnotized by the lively candies wrapped in glistening transparent wrappers, much liked when I saw them at the store in so many shades. They used to be only 2 flavours, milk and pandan leaves. Now they are spread over the counter in every imaginable color. I was intriguing by the yellow one, durian flavour. For those of you who have tried durian, loved it or hated it, you might have to admit how fascinating and interesting this fruit was. My husband said it was so stinky, but I admired the creamy texture of the mellow sweet cottony bite. I also love the wild and sharp scent of durian which many people would turn their head away.

The durian flavour toffee was outstanding. The gentle sweetness collapsed in the racy aroma smothered in the flawless cream. My husband said was there the way he going to eat durian, the juicy durian toffees must be it.

Milk and coffee are some other flavours we desirably indulge in. I love that these toffees are not so overwhelmed by artificial flavours and colors but only with gentle kisses of natural scents of real ingredients. The sweetness fades behind the natural rich pleasures sending you to the lucid sweet paradise making these candies worth going back for more.

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