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Instant Tom Yum Noodle

My high school day, I lived away from my family in a tiny apartment in the city, instant noodle was my survival strategy. Noodles are also known as students’ stable food in Thailand. A bowl of hot instant noodle accompanied the mountain of textbooks seemed to be common sight in every dorm rooms.

Instant noodle are ridiculously cheap and available in so many kinds and flavours to choose from. Nutrition in instant noodle, on the other hands, was questionable. It is known to be unhealthy choice- high in sodium, MSG and unhealthy carb. We even came up with the way to consume it even unhealthier by eating it raw. Eating raw noodle could cause dehydration and badly harmed our health, but raw noodle sprinkled over with salty flavour was seriously addictive.

For so many years, I lived on instant noodle, Tom Yum instant noodle to be precise. Despite of all the warning from the health department, instant noodle continue to be the most popular meal among the teenage students. To make the instant noodle healthier we cracked some eggs and sliced some vegetable in so that our bodies got nourished time to time. My secret ingredient was canned mackerel in spicy tomato sauce. It turned my noodle into thick, red, devilry delicious ribbons.

Now living in India, I don’t get access to many kinds of noodle anymore, Tom Yum flavour especially hard to come by. Working late at night sometimes, I couldn’t help dreaming of the simple bowl of hot Tom Yum noodle.

My solution came in the jar, Tom Yum paste turned pale instant noodle to luscious red, aromatic, spicy, heavenly hot bowl.

Instant Tom Yum Noodle

Ingredient (2 servings)

2 serving package of Instant noodle

1 tbsp Tom Yum Paste

6 prawn- peeled and deveined

4 cocktail sausage or meatball

1 1/2 Cup vegetable of your choice (I used mushroom and daikon)

4 cup chicken stock or vegetable stock

Fish sauce and sugar to taste


  1. Bring chicken stock to boil. Add sausages, vegetable and tom yum paste. Cook further for few minutes.
  2. Add instant noodle and prawn. Cook further until noodle and prawn cooked.
  3. Add fish sauce and sugar to taste. Serve hot.

The steam carried red chili scent and Thai herbs’ fragrances up and swirled in the air. The noodle was soft and stringy soaked in the savory lava where the pink prawns perkily sat on top. It was spicy and comforting.

Have a beautiful day,

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