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Salty Plum in Sugar Amber

As I grow up, I don’t crave candies as much as I did when I was a kid. I crave steak or maybe spicy stew. I have good memories with candies but I don’t feel necessity of indulge a mouthful of them everyday. The funny part of all these is I still buy them, a lot of them. I can’t get pass beautiful shiny wrappers without exchanging some coins in my pocket for those lovely sweet things. If I have to admit that I am “candies shopaholic”, I will.

These salted Chinese plums in sparkling sweet ambers were sighted at the street markets in Thailand and I couldn’t get passed them. The dark brown dehydrated plum magically stuck inside the deep yellow crystal as if they were formed naturally.

The sweetness flushed in our mouths and sugary nectar caressed our senses for few minutes when dried plum broke the salty surprise. It was genius to combined two instinct flavours so perfectly.

They were cute, beautiful and mesmerizing. That’s why I bought them. I did enjoy the satin, caramel amber melted and when the saltiness of the plum stormed my tongue, the party started in my mouth.  My family thought it was such a weird combination, but I did enjoy the childlike sweetness linger in my brain.

Anyway….fish, anyone?

Fish in Tangy Sauce

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