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Khaen Lesson with Yaseen

Yaseen has a day off today so he was going through his toy chests searching for something to fill his empty schedule. I have already planned to spend an afternoon making corn tortilla to store in our freezer; I know Yaseen would be enjoy playing with flours and dough.

This morning my husband opened a suitcase filled with souvenirs we bought from Thailand to share with our friend who is going back to the US in the evening. There were miniature Khaens, the traditional Thai music instrument popular in the Northeast region of Thailand and neighbor countries like Laos and Cambodia. We gave one to our friend and Yaseen quickly snatched the other one.

Yaseen know exactly what it was because when we were in my hometown last April he saw local musicians play Khaens everywhere. Khaen is a rustic, cultural, mouth organ made of bamboo stalks held together by the wooden body finished with dammar gum. It whispers the harsher, rawer version of violin.

Yaseen got on the dinning table and performed a rocking gig for us. He jumped up and down shaking the entire apartment with his little feet and mirthful music.

Khaen carried the rural and earthy scent of raw material with it. We dwelled in the miserable nostalgia, longing to be home again.

Have a beautiful day,

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