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Longan at Home

Here they are, the glorious brown pearls hung free bowed the abundant branches on the green silhouette. Our longan tree in Thailand peaks the caramel blossoms dedicating the juiciest, sweet pulps for my humble family.

Do you remember this bushy, green tree in front of my house where my husband spent his vacation slumbering under its cool shade? A few months back, we were admiring the tiny, white efflorescents murmured the fainted nectar in the summer breeze. Now, the luxurious clusters ornamented every offshoots swaying in the monsoon storm.

Longan is called “Lam Yai” in Thailand. It is a tropical fruit similar family to Lychee. Longan fruits are small and round covering in woody brown shells. The succulent white fresh is very sweet and juicy. The fruit can be eaten fresh, added in fruit salad or cooked in various savoury and sweet ways.

Sleeping under this rich longan tree is the most indulging relaxation anyone can get. You could just grasp and pull down any branches without getting out of the hammock. We are always generous enough to allow the children and passerby the liberty of swishing any handful to munch on their ways. We could notice the gaps of missing longan spikes wherever reachable by hands.

My family sent us these pictures knowing that they would make us miss home terribly. These were the most tempting baits they have ever put before us.

And look at this guy…. Yaseen is melting over the fluffy duckling 🙂 He is one of the newest batch in our home grown ducks.

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