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Bhaja Cave

When my husband turned the car off the highway to the smaller, rougher track, as the car jumped over the uneven path, it didn’t humor me. I was really skeptical about visiting another Buddhist cave since my 5 years ago visiting its brother cave, Karla cave, was not so present. I visited Karla cave 5 years ago on the way back from Lonavala, the beautiful architectural wonder blew me away, but the spoil of the place threw me off. I was worried that Bhaja cave was going to be another tourist trap with plastic and stinky waste all over. My husband told me to lose it up and go with the flow.

And I was glad that I did. Bhaja Cave was magnificent and beautiful.

We were greeted by giant waterfall flamed between the cloudy sky and wet earth. There were people enjoying the splashes wherever the water dropped. The rain was slightly dripping making it even more mesmerizing.

There were stone steps, covered with green moss and rain water, leading up to the cave. We slowly climbed up enjoying the wild, wind flows. The long and exhaust stairs faced the mountain with small stream clashing on one side.

The other side was the vast and empty air space with the most beautiful green views below. Several green square farmlands pasted on the ground, confined within the surrounding mountains.

The air was so fresh and clean. I couldn’t hide the smiles from my husband and he could have said “I told you so” but he didn’t. We kept walking, alluded to the monsoon scenery. And there it was, on the top of the mountain.

Bhaja Cave is a 200 BC Buddhist cave located on Karli town between Pune and Mumbai. The rock-cut cave is situated above the mountain with beautiful architecture, sculptures, and painting. The most striking construction is the shrine, the main hall with horseshoes arches. There were several caves surrounding the main hall with narrow aisles and lanes.

Strolling around the old caves, we couldn’t help but thinking what was it like living there in the ancient days. We felt humble, and appreciated whatever the older generation left behind hoping we could preserve what was left for the next.

The dark cloud suddenly formed just a few meters above us and soon the condensed drops poured down. We knew it was time to head back. We soon realized walking down the greenish views below embracing our eyes even more. The fresh green was coloring every single object so lively within our sights.

Again I couldn’t capture the perfect pictures. I wished I could show you the least half beauty of the real experience. The rain wet my lens and the lighting was extremely poor. I told my husband we must come back at the end of the rainy season when it was still green against the clear sky.

He said, “Yes” and we continued our journey to Lonavala.

Have a beautiful day,

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