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Samsung Galaxy S2

I could never understand why my husband needed so many technologies in his phone as much as he couldn’t understand why I had so many earrings in my jewelry drawer.

There was a time that mobile phones were just phone and they were used to just call or send messages. I never thought I would want mobile phone for something else so during the iPhones and Blackberry outbreak, I didn’t have to care for them.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks that smart phone is the necessary of life (at least his life). He wanted email, organizer, appointment, calendar, reminder, camera, GPRs, etc. in his. When he told me that it cost 31,000 INR (660USD), I was like oh that’s the price of a new good laptop I am supposed to have.

He brought Samsung Galaxy S2 home, and it was so cool.

It was so sleek and light weight. The shiny screen pop, and the color saturation was brilliant.

And here is what he says…

“Samsung Galaxy S2 seems to be the best Smartphone available. It is like having a good cell phone, digital camera, GPRs, tablet PC and more in one piece. No need to pay and carry all of these, SGS2 will do for all. It is light weight and that perfect size which give a good enough screen size, but still fit in your trouser pocket without any trouble to walk and sit. The Android OS is just unbeatable, even more pleasing with all that add-on utilities suiting your need and style. Initially I felt the battery life going to be a bottleneck, but after I updated the firmware, it is much better. I’m yet to explore more, but whatever I’ve tried so far, only good things to say. I’m happy that I choose SGS2 over BB and IP4.”

Hahaha I don’t even know what is he talking about 🙂

Take care,

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