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Quick Ice-Coffee

Do you really believe that your favourite coffee shop make your most favourite coffee in the world? If so, you haven’t tried making your own coffee.

Every late afternoon when my kid is taking a nap, the household is in place, and the air is settled, I find leisurely few hours for myself in a cozy space. If I wasn’t plan on baking or stewing, I would be on a couch with books, magazines and TV. I love this comforting resigned time of a housewife.

I knew it was two hours ago we had lunch, but when I got into a comfort zone, I craved comfort food. I wanted something quick and nonstop flowing until I had to chase behind the schedule when Yaseen woke up.

Chill coffee with cream floating on top was I usually wanted, and it tasted the best when I made it myself. I knew exactly how much sugar I wanted, how strong was my coffee and how much cream I desired on top. For all of these, I knew it’s an instant wish-come-true!

Quick Ice-Coffee

Ingredients (1 indulged serving)

1 cup chill milk

2 tsp coffee powder (Nescafe chill mix)

2 tbsp sweeten condense milk or to taste

4 tbsp whipped cream

Few ice cubes

1 tbsp chocolate chip for garnishing


  1. Add coffee in the large glass, and then pour milk and condensed milk in. Stir until coffee is dissolved.
  2. Add ice cubes, top with whipped cream and chocolate chip.


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