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Getting to know…

You might not even notice that we have been out over the weekend, but we made a really wonderful trip around hills, beaches and mountains again. I will tell you more about it later when I sort out the pictures to post tonight.

Just before we left for the trip, I went over to Mandy’s blog and she posted a fun question that allowed us to learn more about each other culinary like and dislike.

My turn to play and here goes…

1.  What is your favourite non-alcholic drink?

Strawberry Soda

2.  What is your favourite alcoholic drink?

I don’t drink

3.  What is your favourite food?


4.  What is your least favourite food?

I’ve think about this a lot… for the past few days, I don’t seemed to find the answer…. I do love all food. Ok, I got it! Food that has ghee smell really strongly!

5.  What do you eat that others think is really weird?

Chicken feet

6.  What is your favourite thing to cook/bake?

Thai Taco, Fresh cabbage wrap with chicken and peanut sauce

7.  If you could only chose one, would it be sweet or savoury?


8.  What time do you usually eat your dinner during the week?

Whenever my husband comes home from office, 7.30-9.00 pm

9.  What kitchen item/s have you never owned?

Pasta maker- and I want one!

10. What tip would you give to a newby cooker / baker?

Just try it!

11. What is the best vegetarian dish you have eaten?

Masala Dosa, crispy India rice flour crepe with spiced mashed potato served with spicy vegetable stew and coconut chutney

12. What is the easiest meal you can cook?


13. If you could only grow 3 herbs in your garden, what would you grow?

Basil, mint, coriander

14. What would you use as a substitute for salt?

Fish sauce

15. What 5 items would you pack for a quick and easy picnic or day out?

Fried chicken, sausages, salad, bread, chocolate pudding

It’s really fun answering these questions and read about others’. I would also love to know all of your answers and tastes about food. If you wanna play along answering this question, don’t forget to let me and Mandy know 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

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