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Journey to the Beach in Monsoon

Saturday morning, I packed a bag for a weekend trip to a beach, but instead of sunscreen and big hats, I had raincoats and umbrella in my suitcase. My husband asked me few weeks ago, if I have ever seen rain showering in the sea…. My first impression was “uncomfortable”. But I loved when life took us surprisingly to a wonderful adventure when we decided to do something out of ordinary. I could never know our lives could be so rich and grounded at the same time if I haven’t said “yes” to the strange occasion times to times.

We were heading to Kashid beach, a renowned the most beautiful beach in Maharashtra, but didn’t plan for sun bathing on the warm sand. It was going to be quiet and there weren’t going to be many people, the peace and serenity seemed like a fair reward to the busy city souls.

We have already mapped our whole trip the previous night, we were about to explore new routes and draw the large circle on the green earth. Beside my husband was eager to tried out GPRs in Galaxy S2, we were hoping to get lost and been recued by the amazing phone of his.

We started from Pune at 8.30 pm at National Highway No. 4, stocked up our food and snacks from supermarket, and slowly clawed out of the city. A few moments later both sides of the highway were freshened up with bright greens. The same sceneries from the last visit to Lonavala a few weeks ago didn’t bore us.

As we escaped from the rush traffic in Lonavala city, we headed to the Khopoli exit.  It was so overwhelmed with excitement seeing a lot of small waterfalls gushing out of the highway on our right and the misty landscapes on the empty airspace on our left.

The rain played a funny play along the rides, one moment it poured down so heavily we couldn’t see the way, sometimes it sprayed down so mild, gentle and romantic, many times it was all gone that made me believe that the sun might shine. The water clogged in the small holes and shallows in the rural streets. My husband navigated the car careful enough to not splashing the kids playing along the sides with muddy water.

We stopped for breakfast at the village outskirt, pulled the car off the highway next to the greens rice fields and mountains views. I didn’t cook so we bought something from the supermarket. It was still warm and the cold rain outside made the food tasted even more comforting. Yaseen devoured the giant sugar-cinnamon doughnuts and munched on snacks on the whole journey.

We arrived at Pen, a small town with colorful lines up of small stores where we took left and jumped on the Highway No. 17 with was rough and severely damage road at the beginning. We bounced behind trucks and heavy vehicles until we realized we were in the smooth road covered with green trees and beautiful views on both sides. My husband peaked at his GPRs times to times to make sure we were on the right tracks and soon we were fully immerged in the most beautiful shades of green.

Later we got back on Highway 4B that lead us across small towns and villages with forest and mountain views swapped places in between. We decided to roll down the windows and let the fresh air in time to time whenever the rain disappeared. The smell of lively meadows and fresh green trees were sweet and innocent like homemade apple sauce.

We made a quick detour at Alibag, a beautiful coastal town richened with histories and surrounded by beaches, coconut trees and ocean breeze. We got lost in the twisted lanes in the city giving us a chance to observe the beautiful structures of this historical town.

When we made our ways out of Alibag, we started noticing the isolated road covered with streams and small canals. The empty lagoons of greens fields sat betweens the hills so far from civilization.

As much as we got close to Kashid, the rain became more consistent. When we move across the large bridge, we felt as if we were about to enter the magical land. The sea tickled the highway now and then clashing the rather calm and cool waves against the abandon beaches. I could imagine how they would pack with visitors and tourists from afar in summer. How irony that no one was to appreciate when they looked the most beautiful and pure.

When I gazed my camera along the marooned beach, it caught a beautiful sight by surprise. In the middle of harsh rain, there were a couple of villagers and their dog strolling along the beach finding clams and mussels. It was so such an earthy and spiritual sight. Something about this picture made me feel love and flourish.

We were running along the sea, against all the rain drops and the song of the shores… laying on the wild terrene and wet canvas was the most heavenly spread white sand … Hello, Kashid beach!

Stay tune for our time in Kashid beach and the next chapters of our monsoon road trip….


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