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Kashid Beach

As soon as the car was pulled off the highway to the sand, we could see the pale white horizon lying along the Arabian Sea through the abandon shades. Yaseen hopped off the car and raced to beach so fast that we worried he wouldn’t scare to jump in the rainy sea. We followed him and the sudden wet winds blew from the sea hit us. It was so cold and refreshing.

There were few groups of people enjoying wild water gushing in the sea from the mountains at one end. The other side looked so far and empty as if it have never been discovered by anyone before.

Kashid beach stretched over 3 km along the calm shore in Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. The beach surrounded by the beautiful hills, mountains and fresh air. It is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in India.

In monsoon, Kashid beach looked so deserted by civilization. The old shades along the beach used to be filled with small restaurants and hot snacks were forsaken by all souls. We hid ourselves under the shady shacks from the rains but the rusty roof barely defended the cold drops.

It’s funny how two grown ups hiding under the wracked hut while the little one ran wild in the rainy, wet beach. I might not be the most protective mom in the world, but it’s so strange how I felt more comfortable leaving him in the wild cold rain than my very own apartment. He was free and happy.

Kashid beach was beautiful even behind the rainy veils and cloudy sky. The air was so fresh and pure. The emptiness made us felt liberate and private. The sand was cold but it was so clean and alive.

I think people should give themselves a chance to explore the beach in rainy season. It is another flavour and another feeling… something we shouldn’t miss in a life time.

Check out how to get to Kashid beach here.

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