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Birthday Boy

It’s all about him today. On August 15, 2011, Yaseen’s officially a big 3 years old boy. Looking back at the trail he has been trekked along side both of us made me realize we, some how, made it through everything. He has been always full of surprises which made our lives fresh and exciting. His wicked laugh brightened the world.

He came to us on an Indian Independent Day early dawn, quiet, confuse, and tiny. 3 years later he’s 16 kg and 94.5 cm tall, it was quite a journey.

What could a birthday boy want other than having all his wishes of the day come true? He woke up humming “Happy birthday to Yaseen….” in the bed. One of his favourite things to do is driving through nature wildest lushness so we took him for a drive along Kadakwasla Lake.

As soon as we reached the lake, he said “Take bath! Take bath!” which we understood he wanted to swim…. It’s his birthday, we granted the wish come true….

He had fun in the cool lake, splashing crystal clear water to his face…

He wanted grilled corn… his wish came true…

He wanted the mountains…his wishes came true…

He wanted homemade fudgy chocolate cake… his wishes came true…


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