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I hope you are not bored about another episode of our monsoon beach journey, but we really have to share our amazing experience in Murud, the beautiful beach town with old tales.

We reached Murud at 5 pm after a long drive through the rain and white sand beaches. While entering Murud, we were astonished by the majestic Nawab Palace standing over the tall cliff opposite to the green hillocks. My husband was disappointed we couldn’t see the inside, but the property is privately own by the descendent of Nawab, who we kept referring to the whole trip, “Girl I want that place!”, “Girl, I want Nawab house!”, “Girl, can we get that place?”

We checked in at Sea Shell Resort, a cozy spot with the beautiful ocean and mountain views. We were one of the two families that staying in the entire residence making very quite and calm throughout the stay.

We headed to the quick stroll around the town and learned a little bit about its history before letting our feet touch the wet sand on the rainy beach before dinner.

Murud is a beach city in Raigad district in Maharashtra, India. It is one of the popular getaways with resorts, homestay facilities, and restaurants that serve homemade meal.

Murud has an honor history to be an untouchable and unconquerable land. The ancestors of Murud were not Indian native but settled here and were not the part of India until 1947.

Janjira Fort, the magnificent sea fort is famous for its standing tall undefeatable by the Dutch and English East India Company.

The Town

The old town tells stories through the simple architectural designs. The narrow streets are packed with beautiful homes and small stores. The market is rich and abundant with fruits and vegetables. Strolling around the town, you would be surprised to see a charming café serving bubbling hot tea and snacks, the small restaurants tucked between wooden buildings dispersed the aromatic scents along the tricky lanes.

Fishing is one of the most important works here, however, in rainy season, we saw the boats, which otherwise would be traveling long the wave, sleeping along the shores and small canal.

The Beach

Murud beach is clam, the sand wasn’t white like Kashid but earthy brown and soily, yet it was wonderfully charming. The beach was filled with fresh breeze swirl, yet so empty and surrendering peaceful.

There were horse ride cruising along the vast sand from one side to the other end, racing against the cold sprays of rain, splashing the wave to the sides.

Along the small restaurants and food cart lined up between the coconut trees traces.  In the evening the yellow street lights stretched along the curve only bright enough to cause the dull shadows.

The Food

Murud is known for fresh seafood. Giant prawns, lobsters, king fish, pomfrets, mussel and many others were delivered fresh from the sea. The traditional and home style cooked offered the warm delicacy to the guests. Most restaurants were spreads along the beach itself, making your dinning experiences elevated along the wave.

We weren’t lucky to have a lot of seafood because rainy season restricted the catch in the sea, yet our small fish was fresh and delicious.

Murud is our new discovery and recent deary. The beautiful, long beach laid between the sea, beautiful city, and mountains. The cozy stroll around the town and the smell of the old cafés made Murud one of the lovely spot on earth.

Up next…. From Murud-Janrija to the deep, green forest adventure.

Have a wonderful day,

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