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Spiced Lime Bubblin’

You can call me “easy”, but I fall in love with street food really easily. Whenever we drove through narrow streets with food carts surrounded the side walks, I usually suggested we stop for a bite.

Along with quick food and deep fried stuffs, there are quite a lot of sassy and refreshing fast-drinks out there on streets. In the hot and rush neighborhoods of India, lime juice is definitely the most popular refreshment.

We spotted a rustic lime juice cart in the local market where people grasped a glass, drink, and go. It is a quick business, the drink is instant and the customers slurp the cooling fixes quickly. My husband insisted me on trying lime soda with spices and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful, chaotic favours mixed in the sparkling drink.

This small juice cart is popular but there is no secret recipe for the famous potions it sales. The seller demonstrated his work right there- fresh lime, water or soda, sugar syrup, spice mix… nothing fancy really. I quickly identified the flavour of chaat masala sprinkled over my icy drink, and I was pretty sure I accidently inherited the exotic recipe of a fun and fizzy summer drink.

Spiced Lime Bubblin’

Ingredients: (4 servings)

2 fresh limes- juiced

500 ml club soda

4 tbsp caster sugar or to taste

Chaat masala to taste

Ice cube for serving


Dissolve sugar in soda and squeeze in lime juice. Add ice cubes and sprinkle over with chaat masala before serve.

Chaat masala added a pungent aroma and bold flavour in the crystal lime soda. It was super refreshing and exciting. The fresh and sharp tune of lime brightened up from the tip of your lip. It was cool and fresh, a perfect blend worth trying in your summer party.

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