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Lessons with Yaseen: Bubble

I didn’t know if I needed to be frustrated about Yaseen not speaking any clear sentence, but it would be good if he would be able to tell us what he really meant. He does know a lot of words in all languages available to him i.e. English, Thai, Malayalam, and Hindi, but never a clean sentence.

I did take him to his pediatrician yesterday to consult about the need of speech therapy in his case. After a thorough check up, the doc told me I shouldn’t be at all worried. Though he didn’t speak the clear sentence, but he was very enthusiastic and responsive. He’s extra-energy and he would pick up, she said.

We still keep speech therapy as an option though we would try traditional method of speaking and spending more time with him for a while.

Today lesson: Bouble

We bought a bubble kit home and he was so excited to try it.

I slowly fed the sentence “I blow the bubbles!” and he said “Bobbo! Bobbo!”

After a few tries, he actually said it! “I blow the bubbles:… or something pretty close.

I blow the bubbles…

The bobbles broke!

I want big bubbles!

Bubble is round! (actually, he said “bubble is wow)

He actually said these things… for the first time, something clear and precise. I was relieved!

Have a beautiful day,

8 comments to Lessons with Yaseen: Bubble

  • Tes,,,maybe because you are worried too much, which is I understand,i’m sure he will catch and speak clear multy language soon 🙂 i’m glad to heared that you relieved,after you heared he speak very close.

  • Little ones all develop at their own pace Tes. Maybe Yaseen is trying to put all the words together from the different languages that he knows and finding it a little more difficult. I am pleased you are not worried about it anymore.
    Have a happy weekend.

  • Your son is adorable. I thought I read someone that kids who speak later tend to be more intelligent? So your son is probably a genius (and soon to be multilingual, how awesome).

  • Different kids grow up in different ways Tes, enjoy the great moments he gives and that spending time with him does wonders. Not everyone have a leap start in life but many do in later parts of their life.

  • Being exposed to that many language often result in a later development of the mother tongue, but when as soon as he gets going (which it seems he has) he’ll have a proper advantage when it comes to so many other skills. Don’t you worry! 😀

  • Lyn

    Hi Tes, don’t worry too much about Yaseen not speaking clear sentences. Each child has their own pace of learning. Sometimes it may backfired if you’re pushing too hard. From your post, you mentioned that he knows quite a few languages and has been mixing all up to form a sentence. This is bcoz he’s being exposed to too many languages (best will be at 2 languages max) that is making him confused. So maybe you could try teaching him any 2 languages that you think are the most important, once he’s getting better at them, then slowly intro another one to him and goes on. This way, he’ll be able to learn and remember better. 😉
    Hope this could help you and have a nice weekends! 😀

  • Hi,

    I’ll add my assurance – don’t worry about Yaseen. The exact same thing happened with my brother – when he was 4 my parents moved from Israel to Korea. He heard around him Hebrew, English, Korean, French. My parents also took him to a doctor because he wasn’t speaking well, and the doctor told them the same thing – just give him time to get all the languages sorted out. Within a year in Korea he was fluent in all four languages 🙂
    Enjoy your time with him! Bubbles are always fun 🙂

  • Oswulf

    Children have amazing linguistic abilities. I just wish I were as skilled as they at picking up new languages!

    Just one thought, though: it’s important for the individual speakers to stick to *their* native tongue. Otherwise the developing child can become confused. I’ve seen couples here in Thailand where the mother is Thai (and speaks Thai to the child), but the father is farang and switches between English and poor Thai. This has definitely caused problems.

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