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Cutest Jute Twine Bags

Thailand is famous for beautiful handicrafts and handmade products (remember our cutest elephant bags?). In Thailand, you are not only seeing beautiful places, enjoying great shows, eating delicious things, when you are going back home you get to bring a lot of cute souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.

Last time we visited Jatujak Market, the famous shopping paradise in Bangkok, we came across these colorful jute twines bags. They are super cute and handmade. It is ridiculously cheap. So I grasp a whole of them. The lady who sold them to us said they made from organic twine and good for the Earth. They are so gorgeous with tiny little details and lively floral prints.

They can be use as stationary bags, or a make-up bag. They are so sweet, so you can just use them for anything.

I got a shipment of this cutest thing for my friends here in India and they’re melted over these lovely bags.

For more information about these sweetest creations, please contact me.

Have a beautiful day,

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