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Mominpura, Pune

We’ve reached Kerala safe and sound. Yesterday was quite hectic when we’re held off at the airport as one of our baggages was missing, so I didn’t have time to update our blog.

It is the last day of Ramadan here in Kerala, it’s not only the last day of fasting but the day of preparation for tomorrow’s massive feast of Eid al-Fitr. The most beautiful showering noise of Kerala monsoon woke us up in the morning, the air was lovely fresh which made us really lazy to get up. Since today I will not making any dish, I want to share the post about the amazing food-joint during Ramadan back in Pune.

Mominpura is a famous old area in Pune. As it is a muslim residential area, in the evening just before the time of breaking fast the street is flooded with hot food and people. The place is famous for grilled meats, kebabs, deep fried meats and snacks, tandoori chicken, dum biryani, and color spread of desserts. People from all over Pune flock to this tiny spot like they’ve been lured by the aroma of grilling smoke and the sizzle sounds of hot oil. It’s a 30 days special and after Ramadan, these tiny stores and restaurants will be vanished into the old walls.

Mominpura is situated in the heart of Pune city near MG roads. It is rich with old building and narrow lanes. People of Mominpura are very kind and friendly. The first time I visited the place 8 years ago, I felt so blossom and humble by the generous hospitably of Mominpura people. The food is clean, fresh, delicious and very cheap.

I would really love to eat there everyday if I didn’t stay 12 km away from this place. This must be one of many things in Ramadan I’m going to miss and we will have to wait another year for Mominpura to have their feast up the street again.

Have a beautiful day,

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