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Balcony Garden

When we were back home late afternoon a few days ago, I was mortified to see my home taking over my dirt and mold. It took me all night and day to sterilize and certify my living room safe for human being again. While we were out, we closed doors and windows without realizing that the lack of ventilation in rainy season would cause such damage to our home.

Now that our home is clean and comfortable again, we are ready to get back on cooking, blogging and sharing our stories.

One of the things I have been thinking of doing ever since we have planned for the trip was to get my kitchen balcony garden back to life. Yaseen helped me pick up some plants from the shop near our home. Now we have pretty flowers, chili and basil in our garden. I can’t wait to pick up some more things to bloom in our plot.

Having some small pots of plants in your home, make your space feel fresh and alive. They are not difficult to keep up with. You only need to water them once a day and check the soil once a while. Basil and chili allow the easy access and organic ingredients to our kitchen. I do wish to have a larger space though, so I can grow everything I need in my very own garden.

Have a beautiful day,

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