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Kerala is my other home, the place where we often go to lay down and listen to the rain drop. It is so peaceful and green, that I almost forgot the existence of other places on earth.

Going to Kerala is exciting every time. There are so many new things to see, beautiful places to explore and delicious delicacies to pamper our stomachs.

We visited a coastal village of Kadalundi on the weekend before we came back to Pune. It was a small piece of haven, so cozy and peaceful. Kadalundi is situated in Calicat (Kozhikode), Kerala, India, just about 17 km from Calicat airport. It is famous for the bird sanctuary which we decided not to visit as per the advice of the locals. They told us the birds abandoned the sanctuary at this time of the year.

We reached Kadalundi Bridge in the afternoon when the sun was warm and the cool breeze from the sea was gentle. There were not a lot of visitors making the place so peaceful and only the sounds of the wave colliding on the shoreline were noticed. The famous spot was just under the bridge, we strolled along the narrow path to meet the sparking view of Arabian Sea.

The rocks and small cliffs were flatted against the coast where we sat and enjoying the breath-taking sceneries. The coconut trees provided the shades and green leaves swung in the wind giving the perfect spots to relax.

We were lucky to see the fishermen catching fish nearby. They looked so confident and strong moving along the waves in the small boats.

A lot of people were staying for the sunset, which was the most romantic and beautiful moment in Kadalundi. The air became cold and cuddly. The red rays of the evening sun illuminated the sea surface and the wave became calmer and easier.

Kadalundi is such a beautiful, warming setting in the simplest spot on earth. The nature and the people live together in harmony. Fresh air and clean sea allowed the beautiful landscapes to stand out and everybody enjoy.


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