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The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

Now I am starting to write about books, too? I have been wanted to write about the books I read for the longest time but I was hesitated to do so. I am no expert to give the reviews and opinions about the books, but I really wanted to share my experience and the journey the books took me and inspired me.

I am recently hooked in the fantasy world. I love reading and fantasies and mysteries, and those are what I have been picking up from the bookstores lately.

There is the saying “Don’t judge the books by its cover.” But that is exactly what I normally do while browsing through the shelves of the bookstore.

A small, dull green and almost dark cover with cryptic golden fonts title struck me. It looked so mysterious and seductive. It was called “The Poison Diaries”. My husband squinted when I placed the book on top of refrigerator and started a pot of water on the stove for our coffee. There’s a book about poison in my kitchen but that’s where I normally read.

Poison Diary is a story about a young woman living isolated in the old ruins near forest with her father, an apothecary who obsesses with poisonous plants. She falls in love with the young man who carries the secret so unimaginable which lead to danger of her life.

The book started off very smooth and captivating, and that’s what I loved the most about the story. The language is simple and easy to understand. I felt connected to the character immediately, and so much related to her in certain periods.

I loved learning about the plants and especially about the poisonous ones. I felt the book hold me down to the couch and sink me in the story. It was interesting how the plot developed and some mysteries surround it kept me want to continue. I was into it so much, my husband worried I was gonna poison someone.

When the new character, Weed was introduced to the story, I was even more dwelled and brooded over the wall of the apothecary garden mystery.

There was the moment I shout, “What the ****!” and I don’t curse, I’ve never cursed. It was so thrilled and I was anxious to see the new revelation of very chapter.

The third portion to the ending of the book span me off track a little bit. I feel the stories become weird, and too weird, too strange. I was confused by the motives and decisions of the characters and sometime it felt unbelievable.

I didn’t like the ending, but I loved how the journey took the characters (and me) to some resting place. I felt like I was not done with the book and I needed some more to settle all those excitement and curiosity built at the beginning of the stories. I’m glad there’s a second book which I planned to buy soon.

The Poison Diaries made me wanna learn more about the plants. I felt like I wanna brew the secret formula or something. I especially love the information about various poisonous plants, I did google most of them and really loved to know that the author actually did a wonderful research for her story. Do you know that even an apple, the fruit we love, have poison? The seeds of apple are poison though it’s such small amount that can be just neglected.

This book may not be the most literacy genius with big words and deep thought. But it has one of the most interesting and occupying stories. The simple words sweep through your eyes and allow you to experience in the story. I had fun reading this so I want it to be the first book I share in my blog.

I decided to write about a few of the books I read every week. Let’s see what a fun book we pick up next 🙂 Hey, we may have an online book club soon… make sure you have some snack recipes for the club 🙂

What have you been reading?

Take care,

3 comments to The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

  • Hurray!! Tes is writing about books!!

    How nice to learn a bit about what you’ve been reading, Tes. I know you read a lot and you never say much about it so I’m thrilled to see this review.

    It’s wonderful that you were captivated with this book (only a pity it didn’t last until the end).

    I don’t know the book, but I agree that the cover is beautiful. The story sounds mysterious and interesting.

    And you write about it in your usual beautiful language! I’m already looking forward to your next book review. And don’t worry, we book bloggers are all amateurs.

  • Kelli

    You sound like a seasoned reviewer to me Tes! And if any of your books should inspire you to bake something (preferably not poisonous – Ha!) don’t forget to send me the link and I’ll publish your creation in my gallery. X

  • Cindy Knight

    As a avid reader and book fanatic, I love to hear about what my friends have read…it leads us to new reads for us! Thanks to you I have another book to add to my future reads!

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