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Tarkarli Beach

Before we left home on Friday night, I wrote on my Facebook “I’ve just realized we’re traveling all the time. Tonight we are heading 400 km off station. I don’t even know where we’re going 🙂” This is exactly how we run our lives, keep our hiking shoes out of the shoe-rack ready for new spontaneous adventures.

My husband told me we were going on the trip with his colleagues, he didn’t even have time to explain where, but he told me to pack up something for a day trip to the beach.

Few times a year, my husband’s company organized trips, outings, dinners, sport events, parties which our family has been always so lucky to be a part of. We were really excited and grateful to just be in touch with the Gang and explore the world together.

The bus took us about 400 km on a night trip to Tarkarli Beach. We started off with movie, musics and snacks on the bus, and later everyone was sunk into their seats and slept like babies. We were on National Highway No. 4 from Pune to Kolhapur, then jump to smaller road to Gaganbawdaa.

The morning rays bounced against the bus windows and the air became warmer. We moved through the isolated highway with only the shades of green painted against the pale, blue skies.

It was early dawn when we reached Karul Ghat. The mist was still lurked in the air when we got out of the bus for stretching, the nature was waiting. The air was so pure and fresh. It was so quiet and only the sound of the nature whispered to each others was noticed. The ghat was so wriggly and twisted; the high way slithered through the hillocks allowed us to admire every angle of the green terrenes. The views were breathtaking, so serene and green.

After the ghat, we moved across small villages, towns, farm lands. We met sparkling, clear rivers now and then. The mountains and hills were spread all over the trip but not a shutter of the sceneries ever bored us.

And finally, the smell of the ocean became strong and the fresh air caressed our hair was persistent. The glimpse of Tarkarli beach was like a wild diamond, and we have just discovered it in the old abandoned mine. White sand and sparkling blue water shun through the gaps between coconut trees and green bushes. We couldn’t wait to touch it.

We reach Sea Views resort, a small and cozy beach front property where we freshened up and had breakfast. The resort consists of 20 cottages, more than enough for our groups of 38. It was clean and peaceful with open spaces to walk around and hangout. The resort’s canteen was in the back attached to the kitchen but opened to most sides to receive the fresh breeze from the sea.

It was a perfect day, the sky was bright and the air was warm. The breeze continuously passed through us again and again, we felt so light and almost transparent. There were not many visitors, no traffic noise, and no pollution, no rush and no tension.

There are so many things to do in Tarkarli. There is everything for everyone, whether you wanted adventurous activities like riding water scooter, snorkeling around the sea fort or a breezy boating trip along Karli River.

Boating along the backwater is one of the things you should not missed while visiting Tarkarli. It felt almost pampering leisurely enjoying the rhythm of river flow into the sea. Under the bright sun, in the thin plastic shade of the rural boats, the breeze swirled from the river so gently to our faces. The water was crystal clear with glistening surfaces sparkled along the redom.

The green hills moved along the ride with small fishermen villages and coconut trees shuffled on both banks. At the end ofhe  river where fresh water joined the ocean, if you were lucky you, you would spot the groups of dolphins strolling along the sea border in the evening.

We stopped at the sand island which was formed during Tsunami in the middle of the river. The children loved the sparkling cold water; in fact, they didn’t want to leave the water at all. Everyone got their changes to accelerate and feel the adrenaline rush on the scooter. We were swept by touch of nature and nobody realized how the time has gone.

The boats took us back to the shore in the late afternoon and we were so exhausted and hungry. We were happy to see our lunch was ready by the time we reached the resort. We sat down in the canteen and the hot, fresh trays of Thali were served one by one. There were vegetarian, chicken and fish options to choose from. Every set of Thali came with chapati(Indian flatbread with whole wheat), rice, spiced butter milk and you could select chicken, vegetable or fish on the side. My husband and I had fish while Yaseen enjoyed dunking hot chapatti in chicken curry. The food was very simple and rustic. It was one of the best things on this journey.

After lunch the sun was still high and bright, yet we were not ready to rest and lay back. The nature was calling and it was like we’ve been hypnotized by that gentle breeze again. We decided to get to the beach right after lunch. Tarkarli beach was so beautiful. The white sand spread along the shorelines with small crabs playing hind and seek in the seashells. The water was so clean and clear.

There was nobody on the beach except the fishermen fixing their net on the far curve of the beach. We had the whole beach for ourselves. Some of us enjoyed the games cricket, football and volleyball on the vast, white sand while some jumped right in the water. It was so fresh and cool, the wave was strong enough to make swimming even more fun.

At the end of the day, everyone was in the water. The children rode on the waves and splashed water to each others. When the sun was almost set, we realized we have let them be in the water whole afternoon. Hot tea and snack from the resort was delivered at the beach. We found comfort in sipping the hot cup of tea watching the sun set.

Sun set was mesmerizing and romantic. The red rays lingered in the air for only a moment that made everyone of us stared at sun submerged across the horizon. It was so captivating, hard to explain, it took my hearth away.

We had a cozy bonfire just before dinner. At night, the beach looked even more isolated. It was so dark and cold. There was no light except from the resort and the murmuring twinkles of fishermen lamps in the far sea. We couldn’t see anything but stars in the sky. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I saw the sky that beautiful.

We sang a song, clapped along, said some jokes and made some fun. It was all about connecting and opening up to each others. I knew everyone felt so soothed and consoled when our small bonfire dispersed the warmness and hugged us into one circle.

It was hard to actually say goodbye to such beautiful place. Within a little limited time, we built such strong bond with the nature and within our group. The gentle sea breezes still stirred and swirled in the air trying to hold us back so maybe we could never leave. We had a wonderful time in Tarkarli beach. It’s one of the best trips in my life.

To life and wherever it shall take us…

5 comments to Tarkarli Beach

  • Govind Potdar


    I think this is a really better way to give details of an excursion that we have done. Thanks for elaborating and enjoying the trip with us.

    Govind Potdar

  • Cindy Knight

    Wow, what an amazing day you had and your photos have done a wonderful job capturing the sights! I felt as though I was there with you, and so wish that I actually was! The food looks so yummy and the beach looked absolutely beautiful…how lucky for you that you were able to have such a fantastic trip…I am so jealous, but thanks so much for sharing!

  • What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! Beautiful pictures.

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