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Goan Fried Fish

I have been to Goa once on a friend’s wedding. All I remembered about it was the sultry beaches with beautiful historical sightseeing. We were there for a day so we have missed the culinary adventure and night life on the beaches of Goa. I have been yearning to visit Goa for quite sometime, so we could try to fill up the memory gaps we had about this beautiful place.

I have heard of the exquisite delightfulness of Goan cuisine for as long as I have heard about its beauty. The talks about Goan curry, Vindaloo and various seafood dishes made me dream about this place days and nights.

When our friend, Vikas came back from the business trip in Goa last week, he was so kind to bring us some Goan masala paste. When I opened the can, the beautiful aroma unfurled and dispersed throughout my kitchen. The creamy, glossy paste was a perfect marinade to the fish. We didn’t have to add anything, just scoped the paste out of the can and applied to the slices of fish.

For those of you who don’t have access to Goan masala paste, you can try following the recipe here. I haven’t tried it myself because currently we’ve been indulging in this can of Goan Masala.

I have never worked with Indian curry paste before, but I was really confident about this new found. The creamy, dark paste was so aromatic and perfectly spread over the fish so well. The paste was perfectly flavoured, we didn’t have to adjust it before using at all.

The real treat was while frying and waiting for those beautiful meat to turn slightly crispy and crusted with caramelized masala paste. When those slices of fish were sizzled in hot oil, the beautiful fragrance really took over the kitchen.

Goan Fried Fish

Ingredients: (2-3 servings)

500 slices of fish (Mackerel, pomfret, king fish, etc)

2 tbsp Goan masala paste (see recipe here)

2-3 tbsp for shallow frying


  1. Apply Goan masala paste to the fish and let it marinate for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Heat oil in the large skillet over the medium heat.
  3. Add fish slices and let them fry for a few minutes each side or until the fish turn golden brown and cook thoroughly.
  4. Serve hot with some salad.

While the fish was frying, my husband and son were waiting by the pan. The smell of Goan spices got them very excited about lunch. I loved how the paste was so flavourful, yet not over spicy. It was so balance and perfect. The smell of vinegar rose together with clove and chili to the air and sunk deep into the sweet meat of fish. We loved it so much and couldn’t wait to try it again soon.

Have a beautiful day,

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