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Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley

I bought this book on the impression that it was going to be story about chocolate, cooking chocolate or eating chocolate, but it’s not just those things. When I found the book called Chocolate Wishes with a really cute and lovely cover, it looked really beautiful and festive with a little red ribbon strapped on the cover. I took the book home, placed in my bed so I can read in the afternoon when my son took a nap. I read 10 pages and I haven’t touched it ever since….until…

No, this book isn’t a bad, boring book; in fact, it’s one of the simplest and enjoying stories. But the first few chapters were a little bit slow for me. That’s why I put the book down, but that pretty cover kept me wanting to open it. I’m glad I gave it another chance. It was a shimmering joyful adventure to the hearts.

Chocolate Wishes is the charming story about Chloe, the chocolate maker- the relationship between her unconventional family, a lot of romances and hopes and a little bit about chocolate. The stories were narrated by Chloe in a very friendly appeal. It’s more about relationship than food. There are humors and dramas scattered here and there. Sometimes I felt like Chloe’s my friend and she could really use some advices from me. The story is more engaging at the end. I love every bit of love dripping out of the pages.

Frankly, Chocolate Wishes wasn’t mine style, but it turned out to be my good friend for several days. When I purchased this book, I asked and expected at the beginning that this book was going inspire me to dip my hand in hot, dark chocolate. No, it didn’t make me want to cook chocolate, but it did make me want to lay down in bed in the afternoon with all windows opened and a cold glass of lemonade by my side. It’s a leisurely journey and simply a lovely book.

What have you been reading


6 comments to Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley

  • It sounds light and entertaining, Tes. I haven’t read anything but recipe books in the last while, hope to catch up soon.

  • I haven’t read anything for the longest while Tes but a friend has just gifted me a copy of his autobiography that he wrote so will be digging my teeth into that soon!
    Have a happy afternoon.
    🙂 Mandy

  • Channon

    I just finished “Enchanted” by Orson Scott Card, which puts a modern twist on old Slavic fairy tales. It was a beautiful story and very engaging.
    Since I like to mix up my genres, last night I started oshin Hamid’s “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and simply could not put it down. I read half the book last night. The story-telling is simple, but utterly engaging. I know things are not going to go well, as it is the story of a Muslin man just starting his life in NYC around the time of 9/11, but I cannot help but hope his tender heart and open mind is not harmed too much by the aftermath of that horrible day.

    • Tes

      I know the feeling of hooking in a good stories… I used to read a book whole day-night because I just can’t put it down 🙂 I really wish to find the copy of Enchanted, too. It sounds like a good one 🙂

  • THe book looks very sweet, what a pity it wasn’t what you expected, Tes. Have you read Chocolat by Joanne Harris? I liked that very much and it made me want to eat and even make, chocolate.

    • Tes

      I have watched the movie and it was delicious 🙂 and i really love to get the book. I have been hunting down the copy of Chocolat for sometime now… I think maybe it’s time I just order it online 🙂

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