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Freshest Orange Juice

One of many ways that helps kids appreciate and enjoy food is letting them be a part of cooking. Yaseen always hangs around in the kitchen when I’m cooking, open the fridge 100 times, mixes milk and syrup, makes a lot of mess, etc. But when something smells really nice and the loud sizzling sound coming out of the pan, he would push the chair next to the stoves, climbed on it, and checked out what were cooking. He would beg me to let him taste that hot meat in the pan and he’s never taken “No” for answer.

He is 3 years old now, so I feel more comfortable letting him help mixing the batter, mixing salad, or even kneading pasta dough. Cooking is a joyful and rewarding experience for both of us. He really loves to cook, though he makes most of the mess, but he does love eating his creations. He loves to whip up his old omelet with cheese and mushroom, he piles up his own sundae, and really love to mix up his own milkshake.

I want to teach him cook as long as he love it. From the simplest recipe, who know in another 5 years I will not have to cook and he will serve me exotic lamb stew for dinner.

But now it starts with a simple, refreshing drink- orange juice! We picked up some organic oranges from the market this weekend. There are different from our regular orange orange. They are called Nugpur orange with smaller in size and green peels. We bought them because they were so fresh, pretty and very organic and surprisingly when we tasted them, they were really sweet.

Orange juice is not just a refreshing drink, but it’s so healthy and nutritious. It is a rich sauce of vitamin C and high in antioxidants. When we were kids, our parents insisted a glass of fresh orange juice to stay away from flu. Orange juice in the boxes or any store bought one could never compare to the flavour and benefits of the homemade one.

Yaseen was very excited to use a small orange juicer which I bought just for him. It was small and safe for the children use. He was really eager to help and squeeze every drop of sparkling, fresh juice with his little hands. The only problem was he kept tasting it that it took a lot of oranges to fill up a glass.

Tips on Making a Refreshing and Sweet Orange Juice

  1. Select the most fresh and organic oranges.
  2. Refrigerate the orange for 1-2 hours to get them chill, if you want to.
  3. Squeeze orange juice using any type of juicer you prefer.
  4. You may adjust the taste with some sugar and a little bit of salt.
  5. Refrigerate or serve chill immediately.

It was fun to make fresh orange juice with my young chef. It was so refreshing, sweet and perfect. We love a few ice in our juice for extra an extra chill.

Have a beautiful day,

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