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Tamhini Ghat

I love the long road trips. When I moved to India, I knew my whole life would change, my eyes were open and every step I took was such a wonderful journey. We did a number of road trips around the state of Maharashtra and many trips to the South. Every time, it’s a new discovery, new adventures. Even though we drove through the same path, it has always been different and exciting. Road trips make my life feel full and rich. They set me free, make me young and stay grounded.

A reader of our blog once wrote to me saying that she felt like she had been to India just by reading our posts, for example, she came to familiar with the names of festivals, food or a word like “Ghat”.

Ghat is a mountain passage, the thick concrete lanes carpeted through roller coaster wildness. Both sides of the road usually furnish with beautiful green and sceneries that make people stop and enjoy. Ghats are Indian roads traveling charm. They are the parts of long driving and the places you to get out of the car, stretch and take some fresh air.

When we made our monsoon beaches trip a few months ago, we decided to slither along the mountain curves home. From Murud beach to Pune, our journey was surprisingly mesmerizing in very steps of the ride. The fresh air, green terrenes and the mild spray of rain made us who stayed cozy in the car felt as if we were in the wonderland.

And we reached Tamhini Ghat…

Tamhini ghat is situated on the state highway that connects NH4 (Mumbai -Pune) to NH17 (Mumbai-Goa highway). Tamhini Ghat is a great gateway, popular picnic spots, and family holiday destination.

The rain continued to pour down, but very gently and finely. As we rolled down the windows, we heard the sound of water gushing against the rocks every where. One side of the road presented the vast and empty air space with the burly green landscape behind the mist curtain, and other side stood the magnificent mountains and tall cliffs.

There must be hundreds of waterfall in Tamhini Ghat, big and small clashing from the roof top against the highway. People resigned from a long trip and dipped themselves in the cool waterfalls. The big ones were usually flocked by travelers.

We got to be very slow and careful riding across Tamhini Ghat. The road was not only wet and slippery but so wriggled and twisted.

There were few small snack shacks and tiny restaurants in Tamhini Ghat served hot tea and spicy Indian snack. They were perfect spots to indulge in some rustic, street bites. Hot tea with the aromatic cardamom fragrance swirled in was definitely a must try. We also enjoyed grilled corn with masala, and steamy hot bun with something we didn’t know the name, but it’s so delicious.

Road trips let my mind go blank and remind me to be humble and stay on my feet. We feel connected to the nature and the locals, make new friends, and get a lot of inspirations along the ride.

We will be driving out again soon… will share the next chapter of our journey again soon 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

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