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If you could be Spider Man

Tell me has it come into your mind if you were bitten by spider, would you turn out to be Spiderman? I don’t know about being super hero, but I know it would be very painful. Considering my skin sensitivity to all kind of insect bite, I’d rather stayed a few meters away from spider.

Our morning walk in Pune University has become even more exciting when we found thousands of spiders spread their webs along the sidewalks. I first noticed a very big spider sitting so calmly on the giant web that weaved between 2 trees. We stopped and admired the magnificent work it has done. When we got closer we realized that the entire woods were covered with spiderd and their deadly webs. They must be thousands of them and I am not sure they’re poisonous or not.

When I reached home I did google these spiders and found that they’re called Giant Wood Spider (Nephila pilipes).

“Nephila pilipes is a species of golden orb-web spider. It can be found in Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Papua New Guinea, and Northern Australia. It is commonly found in primary and secondary forests and gardens. Females are large and grow to a body size of 30-50mm, with males growing to 5–6 mm.” Wikipedia

Amazing work of nature. They are now our regular faces we meet in our morning walk. We feel more comfortable walking around their webs when we’ve learned that they are not poisonous. Not too comfortable enough to get close because we still don’t really wanna be bitten.

Pune University has become more beautiful than ever. After the rainy season has done its part in filling up fuel of lives, the ground turned green and flourished with beautiful colors of flowers. The weather is especially wonderful in the morning, so cool and full of fresh air.

We have noticed a vibrant scatter of wild marigolds; they were so elegant and exotic. It is so mystifying when the same ground keeps changing its wilderness accessories every season.

They were colorful berries, probably not eatable because they were not picked up by any human or animal. They looked so fresh and perky. We had a hard time explain to Yaseen that these juicy looking berries couldn’t be eaten.

This new occurring in Pune University made me wonder about all the places we have visited for the past few years. How are they now? What would be the color of their grounds? What animals might be living there? They were so many of questions and possibilities because nature is such a wonderful artist. The only way to discover is geting out of our home and start exploring.

Have a wonderful day,

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