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Addicted to Nature- Pomegranate and Grapeseed Face Polish

Women love spa, to be fully pampered and indulged with fragrances and relaxing treatments which ultimately make us look and feel good. It is something we can be doing all day. But practically we could not be in spa everyday, for one of the reasons is that these extremely luxury treatments came with extremely heavy price tags. I do love warm mud bath, cooling facial treatment with exotic fruit extract, or a leisurely massage with oil extracted from wild flowers.

Last Saturday, we went to Women Entrepreneurs Show Event at The Westin Hotel in Pune. It’s an exhibition cum sale of various fashion and lifestyle products. There were a lot of outlet boots displayed beautiful handicrafts, jewelries, garments and fashion accessories targeting woman consumers. There were great spread of beautiful Indian traditional wears and embroidered handbags, and vintage goodies. We had a really wonderful time there.

One of the things I got from the event was this beautiful Pomegranate and Grapeseed Face Polish. I have always been so mischievous when it comes to beauty and skincare products. I love to try out different things and natural/organic products are my first choice.

This beautiful jar of nourishing face polish came from a wonderful company which produces 100% natural product lines from the ancient knowledge of Ayuravedic in India.

The texture of the polish is very creamy and it feels wonderful on skin. The fruity-berry smell gives a refreshing touch to the smooth, pink cream. Every scoop is made with natural ingredients like kokum butter, pomegranate, grapeseed, green tea, Ylang Ylang extracts, natural oil extracts, etc. Ground pomegranates and grapeseed help exfoliate and detoxficify the skin. It is said to be age repair and help firming and rejuvenating our skin.

The cream felt really good on skin, not messy, but almost satiny. Only a few minutes of gently massage it made my face feel fresh, clean and firm. My skin became smooth and glowing. It felt almost like you had a really nice facial in the spa. It’s such a small, little, simple thing we can do to our skin. Give a little time to take care and nourish it. I love this so much, I’m shipping it for my gals in Thailand.

Email us for more information about the product.

Have a wonderful day,

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