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Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

Spirit Walker is the second book in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. When I bought this book, I didn’t realize there were series and this was a second. I got this book as a dreamy, blue cover seemed to be suitable for a good bed time story for Yaseen. I planned to read this for him in a period of one month every night, just to take a small adventure together before going to sleep. When I first glanced at the back, I was a little disappointed that I had picked out the second book. I felt like I would be left out some history and information of the whole series. And that might be the reason I couldn’t connect to the stories in the first few chapters.

But then the story took another turn, I found myself still reading many pages after Yaseen felt asleep. Every page filled with beautiful description of natures and relationships between the creatures and the nature. The story flew, the hesitation dimmed down and the adventures took me slowly into the wildness.

Spirit Walker is the story of the ancient world when the human lived in small clans, named after animals or nature elements they believed in. There was a terrible sickness spread throughout the forest and the young boy was set out to find the cure. The boy was not only special with the ability to talk to wolf but he’s a spirit walker.

I truly love the relationship between the humans, animals and nature in the story. It reminded me of my childhood when I spend a lot of time hunting with my father. I felt as if I was exploring the beautiful lands.

I found the character very believable even in the fantasy portions, they seemed to have logic and verity.

After finishing the whole book, I had a really wonderful time. It was also very rewarding to know that the author, Michelle Paver has invested her time researching the data for the stories. I came to understand how she managed to make the pictures reaped off the pages like popup.

I really enjoyed the book. It makes me want to get back to nature again. It made me smell the mud and hear the sound of forest night that I missed. Yaseen didn’t understand everything but it seemed like he had a wonderful time, too. Spirit Walker is not only a book for children but the good one for adult. It reminded us of our innocent younger selves and how the nature used to be more appreciated.


1 comment to Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

  • So nice when you find a book that you really like! Now you have to think whether you want to read the first in the series…

    Maybe you’d also enjoy Jean Auel’s books about prehistoric people. The description you give of Spirit Walker reminds me a bit of her books (a large series, to keep you going for a long time!).

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