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Cold Lips in Winter

You know me, I love winter. Maybe it is as much as I love rainy season but with different feel. Rain is romantic with nostalgia, but winter is so fuzzy and cuddly. Winter is so cozy, it pulls us together hugging inside a blanket.

But winter is also very cold and dry, just a bitter part of it. The dry wind sweeps every moisture away from our skin. So it is important to take extra care of your skin, keep it hydrate, moisturize and nourish at all time.

Lips is one of the part of our body that get damage so easily by winter as the skin is very thin and no oil glands to protect it. Do you buy new lip balm as soon as you feel the beginning of winter? I do, I am seriously addicted to the glossy, smooth texture of lip balm and those with delicious fruity flavours are even better.

I am very conscious about skin care in winter, I know the damage always leave marks, so it’s better to prevent them from happening.

Lips Care Tips in Winter

  1. Do not lick your lips, or worst… do not bite them. Licking your lips making them become drier as your saliva actually cause the natural moisture in your lips to evaporate away. Try to resist the licking/biting habit as it is going to create more damage to your lips.
  2. Use lip balm regularly so it keep your lips moisturize all the time. Apply lip balm before sleeping to seal the natural moisture in your lips during the cold night.
  3. Your lipstick with extra moisturizing ingredients. I always recommend going for anything organic and natural.
  4. Easy on the lips! Don’t eat too hot, too spicy, too acidic food. As these kinds of food cause burnt and irritation on your sensitive lips.
  5. Exfoliate your lips! Have you ever exfoliated your lips? You should do it once a week for the glowing, smooth and healthy lips. My mother has the most wonderful recipe which my family swears by.
    Grind oat into the fine powder with food processer. Mix 1 tsp oat powder with 1 tbsp honey and gently rub on your lips with your finger, gently of course! Slowly massage your lips with this sweetly mixture for 5 minutes then wipe it off with wet cloth.
    Ta-dah! You’ve got the beautiful, voluptuous, soft and smooth lips. And if you accidently eat the scrub, it’s ok…I understand, it’s so delicious.
  6. Keep your internal system healthy. Eat vegetables and fruits which are rich with minerals and vitamins. Drink enough water to keep your system hydrate and balance.

I got my Born Lippy Passionberry Lip balm from The Body Shop a few weeks ago and I became seriously addicted to the kinky- fruity flavour in that luscious purple smoothness. It felt really fresh and soft on lips. It’s one of the things I wouldn’t leave home without.

Have a beautiful day,

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