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Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson

I couldn’t believe I’ve had this book for 3 months, when my heart was trembling over it for the past 46 hours that I’ve devoured the deliciousness of emotional journey. I wasn’t really a fan of romance genre though I considered myself a very romantic woman. I melt over beautiful things, the moist cold wind could easily sweep away my heart and my husband is all what’s defined love. And yet, I don’t read Romance, I went for Fantasy and Science fiction. Titanic wasted my times while Aliens VS Predators made my brain so concentrate and grip on every drop of blood.

I got this book as my anniversary gift from my husband, it wouldn’t be my choice and I knew he was just randomly picked it up so we could feel less guilty for forgetting our anniversary.

3 months ago, I started by reading the first 2 pages which was the prophecy of the entire story. I said ok… it seemed simple and nothing so extra interesting for my taste… no vampire, no alien, no magic. Just fine, so I put it back on the shelves and went on reading about vampires, aliens, magic, etc.

Somehow, like magic, when I fumbled on the shelves searching for books to read as the Thursday’s electricity went off. The book fell down on the floor and I didn’t even recognize it. As bored as I was with no TV and internet, I started reading again, from the first page, the prophecy (which I remembered later that I’ve read it 3 months ago).

And then it started, her words sprang from pages like fresh grass in first rain. So easy to have the pictures shuffle in my brain and the characters become friendly to my conscious. The next thing I remembered was I was on page 70th, grasped the book so firm that my hands sweated, sinking into my bed as I sunk into the story.

Comanche Moon is a Native American Romance. I have not acquired the prior knowledge about the history of the Comanche nation but I know Catherine Anderson has worked on the research and told the truth from her heart. She was known to be accrued the historic facts into her stories and that cause the chillness on my skin when my eyes traced her words.

Comanche Moon is a story about 2 people destined to love and be together against their hatred and agony attitude toward one another’s community. The heroine is Loretta, a white woman whose childhood was torment by the gruesome murder of her father and mother by the Comanche people. She lived in the western frontier with her Aunts, cousin and uncle where the abusive war between the Comanche and white people were so intense. She was believed to be the woman in the prophecy who would bring peace and joy back into the new world. So she was capture by the Comanche and claimed by the hero, Hunter, Hunter of the Wolf (Isn’t that the coolest name ever!!! And that’s what I’m gonna name my next baby :)) to be his woman. Hunter, too, was cursed by the excruciated death of his wife by white people which framed him to hate them the worst. Their journey began with hatred and anger and slowly they were drifted in love together. I don’t know about you who might think that it was degrading to woman to be treated as Loretta, her cousin, and other women did in the story like I was at first, but I soon come to realized that it was a piece of history, anywhere, then woman were fragile but they’re treasured and loved, I’m glad we are strong now. It was the truths to look back and realized the honor of it, how far we have we come to achieve, and how our men, now, have learned to be kind and understanding.

The sensational, sensual, emotional ride and erotic portions of this book was really overwhelmed me. But it’s very comfortable how slowly the author naturally developed them, so you don’t get startle by the nudity and boldness of it. It’s funny how I say this, but it’s such a cutest and luscious story.

There were justice, honor, humanity, cruelty of fights and wars that we couldn’t deny. The explicit narrations about murders and rapes were really uncomfortable for me. But I loved how the author consoles you in her ways with beautiful things, braveries, and hopes. I came to understand, I felt more to her words than watching brains splashing on movie screens.

Comanche moon shakes your deepest conscious, flings you up high and let you grasp nothing on free fall. It’s intense, romantic, erotic, heart tightened.

The story makes you believe in love, trust love. It heals you, it heals everything. Love is such a powerful weapon man can have against all evils. It gives you back your true self and protects you from going wrong. Love, Love, Love, I felt more addicted to it as the story went to the end.

I love and adore this book so much, thinking of Hunter make my heart moist, thinking of Loretta makes me feel blossom. Of course, I came to think about my husband a lot, a lot! (Not just when I swoop in the erotic pages) And somehow the story was felt related to me, not because our story was like them. I wasn’t, adducted, force, and our families didn’t fight. But we were people from different communities and backgrounds and how far we have achieved to love and compromise and canvas our future with more love. I love the tiny Comanche words I learned. “Keemah= come”. It’s the part I called “cute” in this book.

I think I will be watching out for Romance novels for now on. If something as delicious and heart filling like this one comes along, I will not be wasted 3 months keeping it in the shelves anymore. I am in love Comanche Moon. Read it! You will love it and you will love “Love”.


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