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Turkey Bacon Wrapped Apple Salad

Very few people can resist the temptation of hot and crisp bacon. As we do not eat pork in our home, so turkey bacon is the wonderful substitute to the indulging slaps. I am so happy to have the smell of bacon warm my home in the morning. The fat scorches against the pan, while the thin ranchers sizzle and dance to the rhythm of hot oil. Yaseen usually sneaked a slap or two inside his chicken mayo sandwich while I was not only prefer it in breakfast but also as the ingredient in various stir fried and savoury baked dishes.

One really simple and quick appetizer/snack recipe that we regularly pitch over our humble party is turkey bacon wrapped apple salad with sweet green chili sauce dressing. Oh, talking about it actually make my mouth water. Slightly salty, hot and crispy bacon wrapped in cold apple salad with a little bit of carrot and cucumber. While serving, just drizzle some sweet green chili sauce over it… or if you’re like me, dunk the whole thing in the spicy emerald syrup.

Turkey Bacon Wrapped Salad

Ingredients: (4 servings)

12-15 turkey bacon rashers

2 Fuji Apple- peeled and finely slices into thin strips

2 cucumbers-peeled and julienned

2 carrots- peeled and julienned

Sweet Green Chili Sauce- see recipe here

2 tsp oil


  1. Heat oil in the large skillet over the medium heat. Fry bacon, 4-5 rashers at the time, until cooked and crispy.
  2. Spread cooked bacon on the clean surface. Add apple, cucumber and carrot in the middle. Roll the bacon and secure the edges with toothpicks.
  3. Serve immediately with sweet green chili sauce.

Every bite was so savoury and flavourful. The salad exploded cold juice in the mouth, it was crispy yet melt-y. The contrast texture of bacon and apple salad, hot and cold, crunchy and juicy, made every mouthful so perfect. Homemade sweet green chili sauce added another level of deliciousness…it’s volcanically delicious.

Have a beautiful day,

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