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Update from the Farm 23.11.2011

I missed home extremely and if I find a blank space in my schedule I would climb up the bed and be sad by myself. The pain of losing my father is still haunting me everywhere, but it’s getting better, just a little bit better.

I talk to A-Tee everyday and she keeps updating me about our home and lives in Thailand. She takes up what used to be his works and now slowly learns to run the farm and household. She told us it was like our farm, too, was mourning because things have turned so silent and still since he was gone. The animals felt sad missing the nurturing and caring touch of his. She has done the best to fill in his shoes.

She seems to be doing a really wonderful job, successfully bred the first batch of baby turkey in our backyard garden.

We grew turkey organically from the leftover vegetable from our farms. They adore salad leaves and cauliflower rabe. They snack on earthworms around the farms, and if they were lucky they would get fallen ripe papaya just under the papaya trees. Our turkey meat was so healthy and beautiful unlike those frozen farm raised turkey in supermarket. Ours are hormone free, and live freely in the large open space.

We usually roasted a couple of giant birds during New Years and gave a few to our neighbors and friends. My father used to do all the work, poached them in sweet-aromatic spices sauce and then slow roasted over the warm charcoal for several hours, occasionally brushed with Chinese plum caramel sauce and butter. The result was like a crossover between Peking duck and Thai BBQ chicken, juicy and delicious with the meat melted of the bones and everything…

My sister loves these little poults. Early summer next year they are going to be so huge and running free in the garden ready for the markets.

Next to the turkey nursing nest, another kind of mother is cozily warming her young, those little guys are so adorable and I would barely resist the temptation of squeezing them if I had them in my hands.

A-Tee question herself sometimes whether she really knew what she was getting herself into with the animals that needed constant love and care and the volume of works that spread through every acre of our lands. But we needed to keep up the legacy, beautiful believe of Mr Farmers who treasure nature and farm lives. Sometimes it’s so straining physically, emotionally, financially. But at the end of the day, on our dinning table, we love what we are doing and we are so proud of everything in our lives.


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