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Pune Marathon 2011

We attended our second International Pune Marathon this morning. It was difficult to pull ourselves up from the warm bed in the most pampering weather but this charity run was always important to us.

Pune Martathon 2011 is an annual charity run for a cause in Pune, India. Last year it was about HIV AIDS and this year it was a beautiful campaign to save girl child. It’s unfortunate that there is a malpractice of abortion of girl child in India. Babies are so pure and precious, it’s a gift of lives and it’s so sad that somebody would kill such an innocent love for a selective preference. I believe this charity will make it different and it will be different.

Here are the glimpses of the event…

Many organizations, public and private sectors, companies, schools, families, showed up at dawn for a 3.5 km race for this wonderful cause. There were also full marathon and half- marathon (10km) for professional runners.

Our gang was there as usual, we always knew how to give back to the society. It’s a great day to wake up to, seeing that there’s hope for the better future.

It made our heart felt warm to know that we were living in the responsible society.

But first, we needed to warm up… our little monkey gave us a serious session 🙂

This year Yaseen was a little bit cranky and we had to carry him most of the race. But I knew he had a great time, it’s also important to involve him this wonderful activity for a great cause.

And Yeah! We made it. Kodus to the winners, those who ran full and half marathons, and the average Joes like us who got to the finished line.

My husband said he would join half- marathon next year, but I’d rather doubt it. Right now, I still am really exhausted! …. So how’s your weekend?

Take care,

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